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Dear SMV members, we are making SMV more success oriented. From now on copyrighted material posts will be removed from SMV. Only discussion on success oriented topics is allowed. Thank you. Viktorados

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Self-Made VIP is your all-in-one solution for self-improvement and success, which offers tools for inspiration, financial freedom, success, law of attraction, positive thinking, leadership, own business, dating and seduction, psychology and health

SMV Terms and Conditions & Other Info


When you join SMV, it is expected that you agree to abide by these Rules:

1) Keep it positive!

2) READ the SMV FAQs before asking any questions or posting!

3) Post ONLY material related to the Luxury, Lavish Lifestyle, VIP, and Self-Improvement material (Business, Character & Success). Look at our site & forum categories, if you don't find the appropriate category for your post => place it in OTHER. ...

What qualities should a true SMV member possess?

Please name TOP 3 qualities which a true SMV member should possess

Here is my version...

A true Self-Made VIP is the one
1. who has a purpose/goal in life, who believes in own power to achieve whatever he/she desires
2. improves him/herself every day to unfold the limitless potential, which is inside him/her
3. supports other members in reaching their goals by actively contributing to SMV

PS ...and is a positive optimist ...

What is the Value of SelfMadeVIP in your Life?

Pls... stop for a second.

Check this out first.

We should make it clear to ourselves: Why we do What we do in SelfMadeVIP

Why have you joined this community What difference does SelfMadeVIP make in our life What is its REAL Value

I hope we get 1239 members to participate.

Go guys. Shake your mental muscle.