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End of ego identification

The end of ego is the disidentification of consciousness from form.
Created on October 05, 2014 | Duration 00:03:04 | Time 01:01:33 - 01:04:37
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Stress: The Silent Killer?

Stressed out and hating life? Swamped at work and feeling like you just can’t handle it? I think we’ve all felt like this at some point in our lives! Stress, the silent killer, has had its hooks in all of us. Now, we’ve all heard that stress is a bad thing: it takes years off our lives, causes immune deficiencies and generally makes our lives miserable. Well, recent studies have shown that we might have ...
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Is the Law of Attraction the Shortcut to Success?

A lot of people are aspiring to be successful in life and they want to do it fast. One of the things that people turn their heads to is the amazing promise of the Law of Attraction. Yes, the Law of Attraction can give you anything and everything you want – but it must not be regarded as the fastest route to success.

Learning the principles of the Law of Attraction requires work, dedication, focus, ...
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Crisis Into Abundance

I ran into an interesting post today by Abubakar Jamil over at his site. The post is on the idea of dealing with life, when a ton of things appear to be going wrong. Here it is:

I agree with his general idea of blocking out the chaos and working on one thing at a time…but I take a slightly different approach.

The first thing I like to do, is accept everything as it ...
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Happiness – why do we get bored? Happiness – why do we get bored?

Have you ever wondered why you get bored of the things you know you really like? Why your relationship “lost” it’s spark after a while? Why your job seems less exciting over time? The good thing to know is it’s not just you. Everyone experiences these things and its something that hardwired into us as human beings. Quite simply, we adapt.

A lot of people have this idea that once they reach a certain goal, ...
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Happiness – Decisions and Regrets

There are a lot of things in life that make us happy, but there are also things that make us unhappy. Most of the unhappy things in our lives are down to decisions we made along the way. It might have been a snap decision about which college to attend or what subjects to major in. Maybe that girl or guy that got away. Regret is one of those things we have to contend with ...
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Debt To Wealth In No Time

With the current financial crisis many people find themselves in debt. The first thing I want to say is that the only way the financial crisis can affect you is…if you let it change your thoughts and ultimately your feelings about money.

That’s it!

Well, the first place to start is with your thoughts and beliefs around debt. Investigate what persistent thoughts have the most emotion attached to them. Then release those emotions using EFT ...
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“Wanting” vs “Having”… “Wanting” vs “Having”…

Here’s an important distinction that a TON of people are missing…

There is a huge difference between vibrating on the level of “having” instead of “wanting”.

At it’s most basic level, the Law of Attraction states that we attract more of what we put out. What we put is out, is referring to our vibration. How do we know what vibration we’re putting out? Well, that’s what emotion is for!

You emotions are your direct ...
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The Most Common Attracting Financial Abundance Mistake The Most Common Attracting Financial Abundance Mistake

With the current economic situation, a ton of people have been asking me to talk more on financial abundance. I thought I’d take a second to write a post on what I’ve found to be the most common mistake people are making.

To put it bluntly…they’re focusing on the means instead of the ends. What I mean is that they’re focusing on the idea of money itself and not what the money will do for ...
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