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In this self improvement forum we help our members who search for mentor or go through challenges during their personal development

i have no friends, please help

I am a 22 year old male with almost no social life. I go to college, and things are going well with it, but all this loneliness is killing me. I want to find new friends, new people that I can hang out with on a regular basis. I have only three friends that I see from time to time, since they are very busy with their work and college, therefore I can't rely on ...
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need help

hi guys , i have came to know about this forum about a year ago and in starting i was really inspired and charged towards my goals but during this year time many things have changed in my life some are positive and some are negative and i m sad to say that negative things are more in proportion.
see i will directly come to my point, i am currently staying in Mumbai India and ...
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Fears that prevent you success

I have copied the awesome section in the book Think And Grow Rich

Get Trough These Fears And (Monetary) Success Is In Your Hand’s Reach
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Starting to lose hope... Starting to lose hope...

I have been trying for years to start my own business. I want to start a manga publishing company because I love writing, and I love japanese culture. But I need immediate income. It seems the whole process is taking too long, and I hate working normal jobs. I dream about being an entrepreneur, and I know deep down it's what I want to do, and when I try to do other things I can't. ...
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1. Mindset = 2. Lifestyle = 3. Results! (HELP!)

Hey everyone,

Firstly, so glad I found this forum!

So, I made a list of all the personality traits and general characteristics I feel I need as a human to be successful in my specific endeavor. However, there are a lot, though when classified in a few categories it doesn't seem like a lot. Before I get to my question/concern, here is my list:

Secondly, sorry for the length of this post!!!

I imagine all ...
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Your Opportunity

I joined this community only 4 months ago and it has already started to make a difference in my life. I found what my dream life would look like and set for a journey. Very early on this journey, I met a group of people who have the same mission I have. Live the more meaningful and prosperous life and help other to do the same. My dreams are becoming true because of my past ...
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Life Success Coach Daryl Beesley

Are you ready to take your life to another level?

Daryl Beesley is looking for people that are highly motivated, coachable and action oriented.

His divine wisdom comes from his diverse knowledge base of coaching, self help, personal development, management, motivation, business, finance, relationships and spirituality.

Daryl has invested thousands of hours in learning about these topics, including NLP seminars with NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and author Paul McKenna as well as continually attending numerous ...
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Addicted to productivity porn - need to lose it and fast.


My name is Razvan. I have the following problem. I have become almost obsessed with productivity tools, the so called productivity porn. I have focused so much on creating the right system that I've lost touch with what I should actually do.

So, tonight, I've realized something. In order to create a good system, one that works, I must get a clean state. In other words, reduce myself to the bare minimum tools to ...
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Free coaching Free coaching

Hey guys !
I've started working on my life coaching certification recently and would like to announce, that I want to offer to YOU guys free sessions.

This way I can get experience and kick myself into focusing on it more.
On the other side I can help You get over Your sticking points and help you reach your goals faster than You'd be able to do alone.

I know You don't want just settle ...
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NLP/hypnosis/meditation for "writer's block"?

Can anyone recommend an audio program to help with beating subconscious barriers that lead to things like "writer's block"? Imho the blocks are often caused by "overthinking" i.e. the inner critic getting in the way, perfectionism preventing the artist/writer from doing much of anything due to fear of "not getting it right."

Procrastination is also a factor -- the creative work never high on the list of priorities, or simple avoidance of the "uphill battle" ...
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