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Asking yourself right questions can often speed up your way towards the life of your dreams

Deepak's advice to me - what did he mean?

I went to a Deepak Chopra talk back in 2009 here in the UK when I was only a couple of years of being into personal development. I told Deepak that I loved reading personal development books such as self help, the law of attraction and success and I asked him 'what is the perfect job for me?'. He simply said 'teach them'.

Can you people on here please give me your opinion of what ...
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Wealth creation seminars

Hello friends,

Can you please suggest the best wealth creaction seminars or any other related material?

Thank You very much
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Approach Excitement

We can all relate. There you are walking down the street, you see that hot girl and you want to approach her, speak to her and hopefully get her number. But then a million and one excuses come up as to why it’s a bad idea. When I first started I suffered from such a level of anxiety that even the thought of asking an attractive woman for directions terrified me. Looking back ...
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get over social anxiety

Comfort Zone

I spent most of my life in my comfort zone which at the time was all I ever knew. I guess in a strange sense that was where I felt safe but very unhappy at the same time. I always felt I had the ability to do more than I was currently doing but was too scared to take the first step which is ultimately coming out of my comfort zone. I guess ...
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Is this how life should be? Is this how life should be?

as everyone who started reading this, I too believe life should fun,joy and success and not pain,misery and story is a bit long,but i would appreciate if you read and help me.

I am a 34 year old married man;for past 31 years I lived with my parents and brothers in a small town.after being married for 2 years and no job i decided to move away to a bigger city.I came to ...
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Inspiring book

Hey guys hope this is in the right thread.
Recently my sister was diagnosed with cancer and is having a tough time. Which book would recommend I give her to increase her positive outlook on the situation ? I'm fairly new to the self improvement lifestyle. I've read and listened to a couple of books and people like The Secret, Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill. I'm just kinda confused on which book to introduce ...
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Need advice Need advice

Hello I need some help and by help i mean a little guidance. I just lost 2 jobs within 4 months because things out of my control if it was may fault i would own up to it,so here in lays the problem i have had no luck not even fast food Ive resorted to a lot of things, I'm flat broke and looking for ideas before i lose the roof over my head and ...
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Selecting niche

Hi all!

I am still studying and doing my strategic intervention coaching course and I would like to choose a niche in which I would specialize. I have some in mind but what I would like from You guys is to write down ANY area of your life you would like to improve or what are your problems with it and write down some specific questions that You are interested in answering.

Thank You all ...
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Success Self Programming - Lee Milteer Success Self Programming - Lee Milteer

Success Self Programming - Lee Milteer


Language: English

1h 29mn MP3 128 Kbps

Genre: eLearning

Take Charge of YOUR life and get what YOU want! Your brain is like a computer - it
can be programmed to achieve specific results. Unfortunately, many people suffer the
effects of negative programming from the past that results in 'failure patterns' that
seem impossible to break. You can change the way your mind is programmed, and create new ...
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I'm starting a new program and need a buddy to help me

The book is Self-Directed Behavior by David l Watson,Basically its a textbook for behavior psychology.It teaches you how to change a behavior,I need someone to read over my on-line journal and help me.I would want someone skilled at helping please.
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