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Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

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Re: Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

Post by real on Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:44 am

A very good article, thank you. It is like putting it all together, showing that Law of Attraction and e. g. the Power of Now are just describing aspects of some higher Law.
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Re: Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

Post by equalizer on Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:20 pm

The secret and the LOA (law of ...) don't work because most of us are loaded up to here with conflicting desires. The subconscious mind which stores these desires, early in life gives up on listening to us, because of these conflicting desires, needs, and wants. What is needed is a period (several months, maybe a year) of absolute non-attraction, to give the subconscious mind time to process and dispose of all the attractions and desires we've dumped on it. This is a task easier said than done, but it's the only way out of the state of helpless that most of us find ourselves in. To give you a graphic picture of the condition of the subconscious mind now, imagine you eating everyday and not eliminating. Yeah, that's how the subconscious mind is right now. Thank you viktorados for revealing the truth, because in revealing the truth, you become free.
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Re: Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

Post by jerry on Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:54 pm

Great post and lots of useful suggestions! Thank you very much!
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Re: Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

Post by RuiFerreira on Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:47 pm

Great Post, this is something I'm getting into lately. I guess you're all post can be resumed into one word:


Yes, trust. Its like you have to trust your all self, your capacity do things without having to think, you're true moment based action, without having to consciously think about it all over again. Act from Trust.

I mean, everybody here in this place probably has years of self-dev, so why is that some of us are still not moving forward as fast as we want? Why is that? Why is that we still have doubts and under-confidence in some situations, why that nagging feeling that something is filtering our capability that we know, really know we have? Why on earth have we tons and tons of information on how to do things, how to actually behave and fail short? Why not?


Trust that you already know everything to live from moment to moment because if you are here on this forum, you probably already know.

EXERCISE: Next time you feel down with some nagging feeling, try just saying this one simple word. Thats the exercise I'm doing and its really interesting the dynamics you get. For each nagging feeling, why haven't you trusted yourself already? Try it.
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Re: Law of God Action - Creating from the Highest Level

Post by Balance on Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:37 pm

Oh Lord. :blink:

Do you guys hear yourself talk? (Or rather read yourself write?)
Last time when people talked like this, they killed themselves because they intended to reincarnate on a comet which they believed to be a UFO.

But it wasn't a UFO. It was a big pile of ice and dirt.
And as far as we know they didn't reincarnate on that rock or anywhere else in or outside of the universe. They were just dead - which is as far as we can observe a permanently unconscious state due to the absence of brain activity.
The very same state that decaying compost heap in my garden is in right now.
No desperate souls trapped in those rotting tomatoes and dead bodies.

I am beginning to become seriously worried about you guys. No shit.
You seem to be losing the solid ground under your feet and are in for some strange trip.
If you don't watch out your weird "alternate reality" bubble might burst one day way above ground level and you will hit rock bottom face first.

I understand that some people crave having a spiritual side to their life. But you guys make the utterly perfect application of the LOA your only hope and tool for achieving something in life.

You know not everyone who made something out of him/herself believed in some strange spiritual force or applied LOA principles. Out there we can observe a dozen perfectly functional physical and psychological laws that are proven to be true (unlike certain other things).
How about getting your heads out of the clouds for once in a while and sticking to the very efficient basics of our physical world in order to accomplish your tasks.

As a scientifically oriented dude I seem to be sort of the absolute minority here.
So naturally I am starting to get really worried about your well being and also your sanity if I read stuff like this.
Supermen flying through space and creating universes as the right hand of god.
"Law of God Action" - what the f#$*%?

No hostility intended - I just gotta say to all of you: "get a life!"
A "real" one preferably.
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