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Law of Attraction (The Law Of Secret)

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Re: Law of Attraction

Post by justsharing on Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:20 pm

There are teachings that make us believe that we, meaning each of us individually, is one with God, meaning that God and you are the same entity. The equation appears to be complete as soon as you believe that the world you observe is an illusion of senses that it exists as a static multiverse of infinite possibilities - just like those books where you can decide on which page to read next - and you have created this world and entered it to experience your own creation. Thus, you are completely alone here and other people are the other you.

Occultists love to twist the meaning of words and ideas. If you are one with God, it does not mean that you are God, it simply means that you follow his will. Similarly, two people are one if they have the same idea of what to do next for instance. Being one with someone is to agree with someone!

It looks like some powerful consciousness makes fun of Creator and his creation by showing how corruptible logical thinking of our brains is.

"The LOA teaching says that everything is one and made out of the same stuff. It says that same attracts same. Conclusion: Everything would be a clump."

Well recognized! Note the consequences of this lie! If same attracts same, than all doctors must be the sickest people on Earth since they attract so many sick people. A gullible young nurse for the elderly must immediately quit her job after this "realization", because she would believe to become older faster or something like this.

Finally, Jesus Christ could not be the sinless son of God since he lived on Earth among sinners!

"magnet attracts only the polar opposite of its polarity. It attracts exactly the opposite."

This is a great irony of the whole LOA teaching. Anyway, I do not believe that we can presume that there is any attraction going on of same things or opposite things like in my examples above. The world exist the way it exist. There is only one God who knows what is coming next. All attempts to put life in a system will fail. Do you really think that you can describe something that is not describable?
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Self-Made VIP
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Re: Law of Attraction

Post by Willkommen on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:43 pm

Well spoken.

If same attracts same, than all doctors must be the sickest people on Earth since they attract so many sick people. A gullible young nurse for the elderly must immediately quit her job after this "realization", because she would believe to become older faster or something like this.

A doctor doesn't attract sick people he attracts patients. Big Difference within the scope of LOA.

Anyway like the last two posts showed the LOA like it is teached (from some people) is just not exact or even impossible.
Don't get me wrong I believe that one can attract things by thinking you have them already amongst others because of this quote:

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

.. so beautiful :) God just :heart: you :)
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God Exists!

Post by justsharing on Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:18 pm

To keep this topic alive, I would like to present you evidence that God exists.

You cannot prove or disprove God. Prove implies logics based on observation. But God cannot be observed, thus prove is impossible even in theory. But you do not have to go this far. Just look around you. Can you prove that all this exists? Or is it just an input you are getting through your senses? Get this: you cannot even prove that the real world around you really exists! Since Matrix movie, this fact has become popular.

If you think further, a real God with infinite power can simulate all people, all cities, news, literally everything around you just to know you better! While is just an idea, you cannot prove that this is crap. It could be this way or not. You just do not know, but you believe that it is not so.

You choose an item to buy that suits your needs based on logics. True God does not want you to choose Him by means of logic. People experience true love to each other if their relationship is not based on logics like it is often the case in business. True love is about accepting each other for what you are and not because some apparent advantages. True God wants you to choose Him by faith!

Even if He has an option, He probably will avoid showing Himself to you. By showing Himself He would rob you of the free choice to believe of not to believe in Him!

How great life of human is if he believes. He remains honest even if nobody is watching him, because he believes that He is watching! This human will give with no reciprocal expectation or expectation of approval. He knows that this unconditional giving with no observer (except for the one who he gave to) will strengthen his faith in Him and give you more power to do good deeds.

Eventually, the world will know peace, and everyone will know God.
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Self-Made VIP
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Re: Law of Attraction (The Law Of Secret)

Post by Carpediem on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:54 am

I just read a book
The Secret to Taking Action by S. Boxell. Anyone else read it on here? It is a bit of an antidote to The Secret in some ways I think. Wondering what others think?
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Re: Law of Attraction (The Law Of Secret)

Post by TruAffinity on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:59 pm

I believe that the law of attraction works, but I struggle to keep my mind focused as I have managed to manifest small things, but the larger life changing stuff I really struggle with. For example, a few months ago I was so desperate to win the lottery (I know, so lame right) but I was in a desperate place financially, and every day wherever I was walking I would say in my mind while walking "Thank you universe for the Jackpot win, I am sooo grateful", I know it sounds so dumb but while I was thinking it I would be thinking about how I would feel n the way to the lottery office to collect my check, how I would feel walking into my favourite clothing or shoe store and just buying whatever I wanted without looking at the prive tag, this made me feel so good. And you know what.... I was saying that every single day, and I started winning the lottery each and every time I played, whether it was a scratch card or the weekly lotto, I was winning!!!! It was know more than £10 every time, but the fact is I was winning.
I started to get lazy and think am I never going to win the big one? And then I started not winning again!! :( So I think it is definetely about how you feel and your appreciation for the gifts however small, I lost focus and started to get angry at only winning small amounts so the universe cut me off LOL!!! But I definetely believe, try it, it does work.
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