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Jack of all trades...Master of none

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Re: Jack of all trades...Master of none

Post by nlpete_irl on Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:48 pm

Hi There
To add to some of the very good advice that you have been given allready, May I suggest that you Try some Anchoring"in NLP terms that is" .
After some time of practice I managed to get it to work for me and it worked very well indeed.

If I can assist you any further with this I would be happy to do so


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Re: Jack of all trades...Master of none

Post by JustGentle on Sat May 09, 2009 4:04 am

I humbly believe there's nothing wrong with you or with what you're doing. :D The only thing probably wrong is the "to master" part of the saying. I have the same mental outlook as you but I don't aim for mastery. I just take my pace. What I ensure though is that I'm moving forward and "continuously moving" and let the flow of progress take me as far as I am capable. I am a person who hates monotony hence my varied "wants" is my indemnity from getting bored.
Example. I'm so much into foreign languages. I started studying one language and after a couple of weeks I get bored. So what I did. I am now studying 7 languages at the same time, evenly distributed on an M.W.F./T.TH.S. schedule. I allocate only 15 minutes a day for each language. Whether its as simple as learning a new vocabulary or phrase...what is vital is that I am growing each day. The variety eliminates boredom and the hugeness of this endeavor keeps me on my toes...constantly planning and adjusting my learning strategies. I try to be modest with my goals and there's no hurry or pressure for mastery. My saying is more like.."Jack of all trades....and improving on it everyday"! Simply put, we shouldn't try to repair what is not broken in the first place. It's just a matter of seeing the positive perspective of the situation.
My humble opinion only. More power and God bless.
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