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Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

Post by Joybearer on Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:44 pm

Hey!!! I love your argument, I totally agree that there is a lack of altruistic values in the Law of Attraction. This sinister law definitely has nothing to do with God. Positive thinking may have helped to improve lives of people, but never the LOA at work.
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

Post by slim_xgy on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:48 pm

I like your argument, i am new to the LOA and recently read A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, i was substituting the energy with God. But i now realize there is no mention of evil throughout the teachings of the LOA.
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

Post by justsharing on Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:40 am

I heard that many religious books including the bible come from the same scripture. Later, the scripture have been modified in such a way that it could be misused to wage wars. However, I found a very interesting thing in the bible I would like to share with you. The main commandment according to Jesus is this:

'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' (Lucas: 10,27)

In other words, you should love and accept Creation in all its forms, do not judge the world and people for their apparent imperfections. And we should help each other by giving and sharing unconditionally, which means without expecting anything in return.

I remember from my past studies of the law of attraction and teachings connected to it, that Abraham, which is a non-material teacher, a collective consciousness speaking through Ester Hicks, explicitly promotes selfishness! This belief system is empowered with quite deep and complex logical construct, which in simple words is this: everybody's wishes are answered, you cannot wish for others but only for yourself, you have nothing to give to others because they already have all they need (objections handling: they do not perceive it as already having what they need, since they are not in alignment with their higher self or whatever). Interesting! At this point a reasonable question would be: who the heck are you getting in alignment with? You "true" nature which is supposed to be selfish?

There is a video on the Web where children in some third world country are asked about what they would do if they had all the resources they need. The essence of the response was: they would help other children to get a better life!

And here we go with the Abraham quotes on selfishness I found in another forum:

2007/8/26 Sedona, AZ
"People say, “Abraham, you’re teaching selfishness.” And we say, indeed we are, because if you’re not selfish enough to align with who-you-are, you’ve got nothing to give."

2007/8/5 Los Angeles, CA (Sunday)
"... since every point of Consciousness has this selfish point of view (selfish, meaning it’s the only point of view that that point of Consciousness has), as you have that selfish point of view, you cannot help but ask for what would be an improved situation for you. And when you think about it, that’s got to be the best plan"

2007/7/27 San Francisco, CA
"... your Nonphysical Beingness is selfish also. By selfish, we don’t mean depriving others of things they want, because that can’t be. Think about it. If everyone is selfishly oriented, and the Law of Attraction is responding to every self, then is it possible for one self to get more than their fair share?"

2007/7/8-A Alaskan Cruise
"’ve got to decide to be so selfish that you care how you feel. ‘Cause if you’re not selfish enough that you care how you feel, then you’re not going to adjust your thoughts to feel better."

2007/6/23 Portland, OR
"If you’re not selfish enough to come into vibrational alignment with who you are, you have nothing to give anyone anyway."


Tricks of Abraham to manipulate you

Apparent Complexity

Abraham speaks often in deep weird linguistic constructs. This appears to be great and plausible since Abraham is non-human. It is a collective consciousness (implication: it is much more intelligent than you) from another dimension (implication: he is higher than you, he is a spiritual guide, a teacher of other-dimensional class).

Since many of followers of Abraham are not able to get an overview of the complex thought patterns of him, they stay on the surface where the message gets reduced to this: "selfishness is good, allow yourself to be selfish".

Then, there are few smart people in the crowd. They start to go deeper and discover that the teaching of Abraham is actually good if you go deep enough. The result is they do not get suspicious to warn others from being manipulated and deluded.

Redefinition of Words

Abraham and several other other-dimensional teachers like to use re-definition of words and putting additional or even distinct meaning in terms we are used to.

Note in the quotes above how Abraham re-defines the word selfishness and puts it in new context! It gets an entirely new meaning. Oh, selfishness is simply "looking through self" - nothing wrong with this! Why not using the concepts we already have for that like "subjective view" or "personal perspective"?! My answer is this: by re-defining the words and terms, people start to subconsciously think that there is a hidden meaning in our language (e. g. hidden long time ago by some dark masters who knew the secret but did not want to share).

I talked to several people who speak more languages than English and they thought this is just a memory hook friendly provided by Abraham. This is because the translation of the most wordplays used by Abraham and other New Age teachers often do not work in other languages.

Here are more examples:

Yet another teacher from another dimension explains the apparent origin of the word "imagination" which is supposed to have the hidden meaning "we are a nation of magicians" (the implication: we have forgotten it and with it the meaning of the word imagination). However, "imago" is simply "image" in latin, and "nation" is the postfix creating a noun (impregnation, urination etc.).

"it does not matter" (expression). Taking it literally reveals the alleged hidden truth that matter is energy. I question not a theory "matter is energy" but the alleged hidden meaning in the expression.

Let's take two European languages, French and German. Google translator translates "It does not matter" to "Es spielt keine Rolle" (German) and "n'a pas d'importance" (French). While "matter" is in German "Materie", and in French "matière, substance". For me, this is proof enough that this is not a universal hidden meaning but just a wordplay in English!
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

Post by interesting on Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:11 pm

I am a law of attraction believer. I apply the law in my life for several years and dare to teach others how to do that. From time to time I became suspicious where my focus ends and the "magic" begins.

I also asked myself questions like what would happen if an evil person would apply the law. Or what would happen if several people would desire the same woman or the same position in a company. Who would win? I immediately came up with the theory, well the winner is one whos visualization is stronger and more specific. But it is my theory not teached in "The Secret" -- you mentioned it right: there is a lot of subjectivity in understanding the law.

Years ago I had a talk to a jehovah's witness, who told me similar theory about Satan -- that he is the current ruler of the world and tries to make people worship him and forget the Lord. Back than I found their theory off-the-wall and did not want to study it any further. Now this appears more and more real. I remember the report on CNN where a reporter asked Bush and Gore why they are both members of "skull and bones" secret society. Even the name sounds evil. And then there is this reporter Alex Jones who speaks with a crazy angry voice. He has exposed the bohemian grove, where politicians of the world worship an owl... And now you are telling here that the teaching (the LOA) that is supposed to be a gift, a blessing to all humanity is a trap from Satan?! What the f#@%?

Do you think that all teachers from the movie "The Secret" are worshipping Satan without them knowing it?
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

Post by justsharing on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:06 pm

Do you think that all teachers from the movie "The Secret" are worshipping Satan without them knowing it?

I think that the source of dangerous teachings is the other dimension!

All the so called channelers who let spirits or aliens or other non-material/non-human beings speak through them are teaching potentially dangerous things.

There are people who believe that aliens who have the technology to move here are higher developed than us and thus are not destructive relative to us. There are here to help and to assist us in transition to higher "vibration of love" or whatever they tell us.

Well, in development there is the same relationship between animals and humans. We are more intelligent and more advanced in technology than animals. Still, we allow ourselves to do animal experimentation. The experiments and harm done to animals is in many cases unbelievably cruel and sadistic. And one more thing: who among people do actually do animal experimentation? - The scientists! Not the dumbest people on the planet as you know!

And now tell me that high developed aliens from other worlds or spirits from other dimension by definition cannot do harm to us!

There is a writer called Joe Vitale. He is one of the teachers in "The Secret". He does his research in other books but do not speak with aliens or spirits. The interesting thing about him is that he started to doubt the law of attraction himself some years after the movie. In his search for the truth he published a book called "The Missing Secret" which teaches you that "The Secret" is not the whole story. In one of his books he writes that we have assumed that we have control. It appears to him that we have a choice but not control. His missing secret is yet another another perspective on what cannot be grasped with human mind.
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