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Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deception?!

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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deceptio

Post by ntb on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:22 am

"These techniques work and have helped thousands of people around the world. Try them and you will see for yourself.
Dr. John Michael Christian MScD"

Thanks very much for that. I have saved that post as a text file to consult.
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deceptio

Post by Tucker on Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:16 pm

Many people talk about taking action and hard work. That the desires/LOA itself is not enough to archieve big goals.

I think it's a misunderstanding of law of attraction. This law is not about just ask and receive with any effort. The effort that you need, the action, the hard work comes to you AUTOMATICALLY if you desire is really big.

If you don't take action or don't have motivation to work for what you want, it's because your desire is not real.

When the LOA teachers talk about receive, it's not sit down and wait for your first million. Receive is about receive from the world/universe the ways, the path, the possibilities to archieve your goal.

When you desire and believe, the universe will show to you what you need to do from now, and if it's what you really want, you will take the action.
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deceptio

Post by cthomas on Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:05 pm

justsharing wrote:Are you a believer in "The Secret" and "the law of attraction"?!

Don't get me wrong, it is fine to think positive and go cheerful through life. But there is another side of the law of attraction that made me suspicious!

Have you ever asked another believer about what he or she thinks about how the law of attraction works and what it actually attracts? You will get answers appearing the same but when you go deeper, theories start to vary in detail and demonstrate that people interpret a lot into the law of attraction! Be vigilant of the wording chosen by the authors: it is a law, not the rule of attraction, it is a law. Just like gravity is the law. The stupid thing is that this law does not behave like a law or is simplified to such an extent that nobody has a chance to understand the essence of it if there is any.

Let me explain. When we form a desire, the law of attraction claims that the world will bring it or manifest it for you. But a desire or a goal has many levels. Let us visualize driving a red Ferrari. The question is what the law of attraction will actually manifest for me? I go across a street and a yellow corvette drives by. Did I cause this experience?! Did I attract some aspect of driving a red Ferrari? Was I not specific enough? Didn't I put enough energy or effort into the manifestation process? How much is enough? Or am I just messing with my mind, which - by its nature - focuses on things that currently of interest to me?

And there is another aspect of the law of attraction that looks even more critical from my point of view. I am talking about its morality! A rape, a deadly accident, an illness, poverty - all of these experiences are allegedly caused by the thoughts of people?! Sometimes people do think themselves into trouble. But when did a child managed to think prior to be born in some poor African village? The implications of this belief are even more dangerous, since it liberates you from being responsible for the poor conditions of your nearest. Why should you help someone if everybody is responsible for his own situation? You think it is my misinterpretation?! Then pay close attention to the examples used in the movie "The Secret" to demonstrate how the law of attraction works: attract a mate, a new car, a house, some jewelry, pleasant workplace conditions etc. - at no point, neither directly nor indirectly they call for altruism, helping each other. They even reinforce the opposite by stating that you cannot influence the circumstances of others since the law of attraction works for you only. Very interesting indeed.

What do you think about it? :P

Additional articles on this perspective:
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Re: Is the law of attraction a big fraud, a satanic deceptio

Post by selfmadejm1 on Wed May 18, 2011 11:21 pm

I was talking the other day about the law of attraction with a guy friend who started studying the subject but was a skeptic. My simple answer to him was... Quit being an idiot and practice the law of attraction or you are going to continue being unhappy and flipping burgers all your life. Where "believing in God" has taken you and the world? Nowhere. You are sick, poor, in debt, unhappy and with no hope of having a girl after she left and divorced you.

Practicing the law of attraction has benefited my life immensely, that's for sure. So I'm not a LOA skeptic but... if knowing that believing that dogs fly improve people's health, life and business, by God I'd believe dogs fly. There are millions of unbiased success testimonials out there in favor of LOA. Sure, there are questionable things in the LOA, but I don't waste my time digging deep into any of that. Overall the LOA sends a positive message and it is very helpful if you understand it. I'm living proof that the law of attraction works. Whether it is a law or not, whether it is positive thinking, I become a zombie or not, it doesn't matter. My bank account is fatter, I'm happier and health has improved thanks to the LOA. See what is frustrating many is their lack of understanding of the LOA's basic principles. An ignorant literal application of the LOA theory would not work. I.E. "I want a million dollars by the time I finish watching tv". Most people don't understand the LOA. Everybody is looking for the "quickie".
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well, a deception maybe but hardly "satanic"... (part 1)

Post by garyorman on Mon May 23, 2011 9:03 am

I initially watched "The Secret" with fascination, but on reflection I've realised that it's a remarkably clever deception... which works! but in the same way as astrology 'works'. The greatest value that came from "The Secret" was that it revealed who were the prime charlatans in the self-help business; I no longer buy products or read any of the material from the people who were involved in "The Secret".


Like astrology, it is far too vague to be in any way useful. Nevertheless, there IS a grain of truth in "The Secret" that can be put to good effect in one's life. But like anything in life, it comes at a price. "The Secret" is basically a snake oil that cures all ills without requiring any effort on your part. That's the real "secret" that "The Secret" fails to mention.

It is true that having a burning desire for what you want does make a huge difference.

One reason why it kind of works is because you begin consciously and subconsciously to re-orientate your life so that you become attuned to ideas and opportunities that will lead you to your goal(s). Most of the time, we 'coast' or 'tread water' in life, following our daily routines thoughtlessly. Many people are perfectly content with this, perhaps because it's relatively easy: life is mostly dull but generally enjoyable with the occasional fun blip to look forward to. Even if you lead a miserable life, it’s still easier to coast along than to seriously confront your situation and have to deal with it.

However, what “The Secret” cleverly fails to mention is that it’s hard work to get what you want in life. And it can be time-consuming, costly and full of disappointments. I used to help people establish their own businesses and it always takes a lot (and I mean A LOT) longer than you’d expect, and it’s very unlikely you will be successful the first time around. You have to accept failure, live with failure and persevere against all odds. It’s exhausting. I know, because I’ve been doing it most of my life. It’s very tempting to take the blue pill and go back into regular full-time low-paid employment.

And I’ve dealt with countless people who have dreams of setting up on their own in business, becoming writers or musicians, etc. They already have “the attraction factor”, but I ask them the one question that tells me whether they are just idly dreaming or really serious about it:

“What have you done so far?”

The answer inevitably is: “I’m waiting for the right moment.” That’s kind of what “The Secret” leads people to believe, that just by wishing hard enough, something magical will happen to make it all come true without any special effort on your part.

The answer that I’m looking for when someone tells me their dream is something like:

“Well, I’ve gone to the library and I’ve been reading up on business/writing/music. I changed jobs and I’m now working for a start-up / magazine / music studio (at lower pay). I’ve registered with several forums on the internet to research the industry. I’ve enrolled on a distance learning course, joined a business network / writers’ club / formed a band, etc.…”

So, in a way, “The Secret” is right in that if you are truly passionate about your dreams and goals then you will start to take steps and you will start meeting people and encountering opportunities that will “magically” make it all come true. (But only if you really work at it. Shhh, that’s a secret!)

Unfortunately, “The Secret” leaves out probably THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE. They claim that once you truly know what it is you want in life and are prepared to work towards it then you will probably get it.

But they leave out the important bit: how do you KNOW what it is you want in life!?

That is the real, burning question. “The Secret” ignores this completely. Most of the time, we have no idea what we want in life. And even if we THINK we know, it’s often not what we really want. Once we’ve finally got what we wanted, we often realise it’s NOT what we really wanted.

This is a concept that Jonathan Robinson (Real Wealth) explores. Often, we want to experience a particular FEELING. And we are often deluded (by culture, by upbringing, by advertising, etc.) into thinking that a certain object or job or person, or a certain quantity of money, will give us that feeling.

The trick is to identify how we want to feel in life and then to look for ways to manifest that feeling. If you want to feel admired by others then you can either make a lot of money and drive around in a Ferrari and give expensive parties, or you can embark on a career of complicated, cutting-edge research in genetics or mathematics, or you can become a teacher (if you are content to be admired by small children and not necessarily other adults also, say).

Or if you want to feel loved by others then you could perhaps simply start a family, or work in an orphanage, or volunteer with a charity, or become a nurse, or study psychotherapy, or become a hooker or high class escort, even.

Or let’s say you simply want to be able to travel the world, seeking adventure and new experiences. Instead of waiting until you can afford to do so (by which time you’ll be too busy to have the time to travel and explore the world anyway), you could join up with an NGO or become a travel writer or war correspondent, etc. etc.

Once you can identify what feelings you want to experience in your everyday life then you’ll find there are more opportunities open to you. There are many ways to achieve the kinds of feelings you want – and they often don’t involve money.

However, even knowing what feelings you want isn’t easy. Moreover, what you want tends to change during your life. You might want adventure and love and friendship when you are young, but as you get older, you might prefer stability and good health and a group of friends you can play bridge with twice a week…

It takes time and reflection (and maybe meditation) as well as trial and error to achieve a degree of certainty about what you want, feeling-wise, in life. It takes most people years to realise what they want, and some people spend their whole lives not really knowing.

So it also helps to be open to the sheer randomness of life and perhaps even to make an effort to go places and do things that you know nothing about or don’t particularly like – like going to a fetish club, or attending an Islamic (or Jewish) prayer meeting, or listening to (and trying to appreciate) rap if you’re a classical music lover.

(continued in part 2...)
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