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Is Spirituality Really Necessary?

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Re: Is Spirituality Really Necessary?

Post by Balance on Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:48 pm

Personally, I consider myself very spiritual but not necessarily religious - I certainly believe in God but I don't feel the need to identify myself with a particular religion - I don't believe that there is one "right way" to worship.

To me, even an athiest can be spiritual.

Even an athiest can be quiet and sit in meditation and experience themselves!
Even an athiest can be truly in love.

Well let's hear an atheist then shall we :)

Though I wouldn't label myself an atheist. Agnostic would be more precise.
It means I don't believe in any of the gods humanity made up and I don't believe in any higher consciousness that created the universe. However I don't completely discard the possibility - though I still think it's very unlikely.

Pure atheism would just be another form of fanaticism. How can somebody say there is 100% guaranteed no god
That's like saying it's 100% sure there is one which would also be stupid in my opinion. How could any of us know for sure
I just say there's no convincing evidence and I see that the more we explore reality through science, the more ground religions with gods of "creation" and gods in general loose.

Oh well there is no Zeus up there who throws lightning bolts. It's just electricity.
Oh well there is no Poseidon, it's just weather and wind caused by differences in air pressure.
Oh well the lord didn't create men out of dirt. It's just evolution and we are basically monkeys.
And I think this trend will continue and we will ultimately see one day that there is no more possible room for god to hide from us. Not even in the creation of our universe.

It's a bit like filling empty voids on a map. On old maps you see dragons, sea snakes and mermaids and people truly believed in them because they heard all those stories. Today they are all gone from our maps and in a way that's exactly what happens with gods right now. I think finding a god somewhere would be as unlikely as finding a dragon.
Even more so, I can imagine something not too different from how we imagine dragons evolving somewhere in a distant part of our universe - why not. :lol:

It really bothers me that so many Americans don't believe in evolution. It even scares me but somehow it's understandable.
After all: If the bible is wrong about how god created men, then why should we believe any of the other stuff in it - If it proved wrong on this topic we could actually chuck it right in the waste bin and admit already, that there actually are no dragons. :wink:
No wonder it's the topic of evolution that triggered this battle of reason vs. faith.
I know my side.

Back to spirituality:
I dislike the word spirituality because it stems from spirit/soul.
I'd rather describe spirituality as the human need to figure out what's true and what reality actually is.
In this sense of spirituality I'm as spiritual as the next monk in Texas and the sympathetic lady at her esoteric stand - though I try to understand reality by other methods namely science.
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Re: Is Spirituality Really Necessary?

Post by Inspired on Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:27 pm

Sprituality can be best described in my opinion as the set of beliefs and mindset that make you love yourself and others and enables you to have a life of contentment and peace. To some , it is belief in God and to others it is just a general feeling of awareness.
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