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Introduction like NEVER BEFORE

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Introduction like NEVER BEFORE

Post by tommmmmm on Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:03 pm

Fortuna favet fortibus (latin)

My gratitude and respects for the maker of this forum. I will definitely get 1000 posts here. It just looks like a forum 'for me'.

I am Tomasz, I've been introduced to concepts of self-improvement on various planes over 4 years ago and for that time I have devoured dozen of books/videos; spent hundreds of hours upon thinking, analysing and setting my goals.

At the current stage I am about to open my first company (90% things done), that the more and more I calculate will be astounding success.... and it is all the consequence of taking responsibility of my life to myself. Becoming a person with faith; with a belief that I can ACHIEVE things.

As someone said "knowledge is not power. Knowledge that is consistently put into practice is power". That is the most important. I've seen too many people being just 'readers' and NOT doers. I know the above quote is the truth. And it is the fundament of every self development.

Very soon, I will be looking for students/teachers/partners who share similar beliefs so we can work together, so we can support each other and talk to each other.

For the time being,

Peace to all of you!

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