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If you could, would you do it? Then do it.

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If you could, would you do it? Then do it.

Post by CodeVeroby on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:34 pm

What life will teach you when you decide to truly take responsibility for yourself is a very deep topic which scares and fascinates me to this day, the topic of taking full responsibility for yourself and going after what you want.

Actually getting the things you want instead of waiting (or hoping) for the environment to get them for you.

So many people are stuck in the paradigm of only going after what external influences have told them they can and cannot achieve, people view the world through external standards rather than through what they want for themselves and what they know the can achieve by relying on deep, first-hand experiences.

This is why I’ve adopted the mindset of “If you could, Would you do it? Then do it.” Meaning I would force myself to go after anything that I would get if I knew I could.

Please don’t get me wrong, this is not some feel-good article meant to make you happy, this is a deep and insightful article describing what is in my experience, the hardest thing a human being can do.

Cultivating self-trust and confidence to go after what you want.

Learning to rely on yourself and draw your happiness from within.

Imagine observing your environment and asking yourself “what would I do at this exact moment if I could do anything?”
Imagine going for it and doing it.

Imagine asking yourself if you could be anything and achieve anything, what would you go after?
And then deciding to fully go after it.

This is arguably the hardest thing a person can ever do, it forces you to face your internal demons and truly rely on yourself for everything.

It is also the most fulfilling thing to cultivate on a day to day basis.

This is literally THE basis for fundamental and spiritual growth in life. Scary as it sounds, it is the only true way of achieving lasting confidence and happiness, not by receiving it, but by creating it on a day to day basis.

Imagine truly cultivating this abundance, no longer being burdened by the faculties and limitations of others, truly monopolizing your life and being at the cause of everything beautiful, created solely by you and your initiative and abundance of choice.

What prevents us from cultivating this abundance?
Ego, pure limitless horrifying ego.

Your mind actually fully believes that by going after what you want you have a very high chance of getting killed!

If you believed you could get what you want, you would have probably went after it.

Our ego which is our fictional sense of self is what prevents us from going after what we want, it is a prison which entangles us in our past decisions and identities which were created by environmental circumstances that are outside of our control.

It is a mechanism of survival, an outdated instinct which helped us survive longest and have the best chance of spreading and fertilizing or being fertilized by the best mate or (preferably) mates.

What going after what you want despite the fear and internal resistance tells you will teach you an extremely important concept:
Cultivating Internal Fulfillment and Self-Reliance

Drawing your state from within instead of drawing it from the environment, not letting the environment dictate to you how you should feel and instead giving yourself permission to act and feel the way that you want to.
Becoming that source of grounding energy.

A friend of mine met a very beautiful Italian girl, she was in a 3 year relationship and still told him how easy it is to seduce her and women in general:

“For a guy who’s dressed decently, not ugly and not repulsive, all he has to do to take a girl to bed is to be assured of himself, to be on the one hand leading and decisive, on the other hand not too much of a hero but a guy with emotions and weaknesses.

He has to be an alpha male, not in terms of size, or muscles or words, but in terms of behavior. He has to be able to show the girl he knows what he’s doing, to give her a sense of security and comfort, the sense that she’s protected and can count on him to open her heart and open her legs for him.”
- thanks to my good friend Yosi Tsitsu for the quote!

What does this mean in terms of self-development?

This basically means that by going after what you want despite not knowing what to do, fully accepting the chance that you’ll f**k up, playing to win, will result in you gaining experience which will teach you next time how to get it.

Another bonus to going after what you want and failing (besides feeling very fulfilled obviously) is that your mind has learned to associate this event with surviving, it now knows that you will not die if you go after it, this means that next time you go after what you want you’ll be more relaxed and confidence because you’ve dealt with this bullshit before, thus increasing your odds of actually getting what you want!

To sum this article up, go after what you want, let yourself f**k up, it’s all about gaining experience anyway. Become a badass, now go out and take fucking action!
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