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I wan to start my own success coach business PT

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I wan to start my own success coach business PT

Post by ManOfSuccess on Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:55 pm


This is my first post on here.

To date I've read over 50 books on the subject of personal development, self help, success, NLP and finance.

I'm really interested in starting to become a success coach.

I want to keep my full time job, initially, and work as a success coach maybe the occasional evening and at weekends.

Given the nature of the job my question to you is: Is this possible?


Curious Child
Curious Child
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Re: I wan to start my own success coach business PT

Post by troplogic on Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:51 pm

Hey bud,

I love this idea and pray you all the best in your efforts. Now to answer your question, and I hope shed some light on many things to consider here. First we'll look at an example of someone I'm sure you're aware of and that's Tony Robbins. He started out wanting to do the same thing, that is to succeed and help people as well. Look at him now :)

So if you feel you have what it takes, then start setting real goals in this area and keep doing whatever it takes to reach those goals. Lol we live and breath this stuff huh?

Ok, here's where you'll start. First, find out what types of needs you feel you can help with, then find people who actually need that help. Walk with them through the process for free and offer your advise in showing them how to do those things they desire. This is the basics of ground breaking when it comes to being a coach. Just as I am here giving my attempt to answer your question, You too can go and find the needs of people and give really powerful and helpful advise for free!

This is how it starts, after you find yourself working with real people who actually needed help, you'll become known as a someone who actually brings results. I hope this is giving you ideas as to what you can do and who you can help.

Now to the business question of this, if you're really wanting to make this a job or a way of income. You need to develop a system which helps people in the "way" you feel you're lead to help. Create an audio, video or eBook series on it and give that away to people.
This will firmly place you as a good source to receive advise. You could offer full-time coaching to people or part time at a price, but the basic formula here is this

Find a need and research the answers, give away massive value for free, develop a relationship with those people, give more value away and only then get paid for the products or services you offer.
If you do it in this order You can setup any business, be it this or selling toy race-cars.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask, I live and breath this stuff.
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Re: I wan to start my own success coach business PT

Post by masterneme on Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:52 pm

If you like NLP and coaching go to NLP and Coaching seminars and training, there is where you really can experience what you want, it's not enough with just reading books.
Self-Made VIP
Self-Made VIP
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Re: I want to start my own success coach business PT

Post by ManOfSuccess on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:37 pm

I have been to a few seminars recently. I met 'Supercoach' Michael Neill a couple of weeks ago and he told me to just start coaching now.

I've made some enquiries regarding advertising in a local paper.

The advert says 'Life Success Coach: Want more success in any area of your life? Call Daryl.....' and then my contact details.

I do coach already in my day job, to a diverse client group.

I must admit I'm really nervous about this but I am sure I'll be good once I've given some coaching sessions.
Curious Child
Curious Child
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Joined: Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:44 pm
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Re: I wan to start my own success coach business PT

Post by serpient4 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:28 am

I don't know you but I think you will do just great.
Because if you really enjoy doing it then things are coming together naturally.

Feeling nervous sometimes is a good sign we are moving out of our comfort zone and making progress.

Concerning the ad I would also consider adressing your target audience/s seperately (like one week improving socially, then the next week earning more money etc.)

Here some more suggestions for your ad:

Feel like enjoying more success in any area of your life?..
Success is tangible - more success in any area of your life...
See the possibilities - improving any area of your life....
Explore your potential - I can help you grow...

best of success with your endeavour!
Curious Child
Curious Child
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