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I lost weight eating suger and carbs. Real story!

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I lost weight eating suger and carbs. Real story!

Post by personalityguy on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:07 pm

Ok guys, I know this sounds ridicules and I would have have said the same thing about 2 years ago. However its true. Let me first say that I am NOT saying that eating sugar is good for you nor and I saying over indulging is the way to go. I just want to tell my story because I think it has its merits.

I am a guy who just wanted to lose a bit of weight. I'm a little heavy, more than I'd like to admit. A few years ago I was given some advice about food and just like most people I had heard the usual "suger makes you fat, Carbs are bad and fizzy drinks are the devil. Well, what I was told is a little against the grain and its not well received in the fitness and nutritional world. I was told that sugar in reasonable amounts and carbs are in fact not bad for you and in many ways need them.

"Not bad you" you might say. Well the thing is sugar is the back bone of your energy. You cannot live without sugar, its impossible. Now when I say sugar I mean glucose. To much sugar in loads of quantities is bad because you are over loading you system with to much energy and serious things can happen. You can become diabetic very early in life.

Let me put it to you this way if you can imagine your blood stream has theses policeman inside that control the amount of sugar that gets put into your body. Now if you inject to much sugar your body needs policeman to control the overload. Eventually the policeman will die from all the hard work and you'll have no one policing. Then problems happen and you get such a boost of energy your body cant take it. If you have to much sugar you body shuts down. To little, same thing. That's generally how it works.

Now carbs are sugar also but the healthy kind. Potatoes and rice, wheat, and other starches are sugars. Any dietitian will tell you that. The reason you cant die from eating to much potatoes is because they have a Glycemic index or GI. High or low. starches kind of have there own police giving out the right amount of energy. High GI's give out the energy fast like white bread where as Low GI's give out the energy slow.

The thing is, people (and I'm talking about people who don't have medical problems but are generally healthy) don't put on weight from sugar or carbs, they put of weight from fat. Plain and simple. "Ah." you say, sugar turns into fat. How? really, how indeed. This seems to be something that a lot of people believe but actually don't even no why they are saying that. Sugar CANNOT turn into fat in and of it self. The moment you ingest sugar it gets used up instantly. It give you a boost of energy.

I once had a discussion with someone on this very subject. He was adamant that sugar made you fat. So he went to Google and searched and searched and searched but NOTHING! loads of people saying it does , but no actual evidence. I'll be honest I'm no expert, the human body is not fully understood yet. There are loads of theories out there and anyone could have a bit of the truth.

Most diets are theories that people try out. I'm not arrogant enough to say that I am saying gospel truth. But in my experience this is what I found.

So I went on the diet. The only rule was stay away from fat. Now I'm not talking out omega 3 and omega 6. Those we need. A little each is all you need.

I had to eat fruit and vegetables no oil
had to drink lots of water
each starches
stay way from red meat because of the fat
stay away from junk food because of the fat
and certain fish
oh, and fat free diary (no cheese)
But other than that I had Coke, sugar in my coffee, and fat free ice-cream.

there were other rules to but that was the basics

I lost loads of weight, my friends couldn't believe how, because I was eating so much starch and coke, still had my sugar. I was losing so much weight a friend of mine started same diet. But most people thought I was joking. They really thought I was on some other diet and lying about it. In retrospect it was kinda hurtful. But anyway... I just think if you going to do a diet staying away from fat is probably a good idea.

I'm not saying its the only way just an idea to share. I'm not a doctor or a dietitian, so for legal reason I'm not saying to anyone they must do this.

just thought I'd put it out there.

I am crazy about figuring people out, I don't go a day without thinking about it.

I've written a book on personalities and its been a great experience. I recommend writing a book to anyone. Its a wonderful way to process your thoughts.

If you want to check it out take a look at my website
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