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I know what works for me - plus I found some free stuff too!

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I know what works for me - plus I found some free stuff too!

Post by Steampunk on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:22 am

Hi, I think what works for me to get really motivated is meditation - the silva system to be exact. I have just been going through the free stuff (I think the whole product is about $100 which I might buy as the free stuff is good. It is a 10 part system dealing with goals, relaxation, visualisation etc, etc. If you google "Silva System", you'll probably be able to find it. I meditate for relaxation last thing at night and meditate for motivation first thing in the morning. Seems to work for me and puts me in the right mindset for sleeping relaxed and getting things done in the morning. Another great thing I've become aware of in the last couple of days is a giveaway for personal development and self help ebooks. There is over 600 ebooks to download for free which are normally pricey. It's on till the end of the month and they only have it once a year. I've got some great stuff covering loads of different things.
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Re: I know what works for me - plus I found some free stuff

Post by fluidhips on Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:20 am

ooh I have wanted to meditate for a while but not really known how,I will go for a search,thanks very much x :heart:
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