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I killed this yung army

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I killed this yung army

Post by kesine0066 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:29 am

"Do not bite do not bite, and then do not bite."

Emperor got into the yard, "wah-wah, do not tuck is really cold, ah, cold I, ah, gas, ah ah ah gas." If not finished, hit a two sneeze.

"Ha ha ha, the emperor, cold, right, you hug Chenqie not cold."

"Really, now Zhenbu cold, !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! ah, gas, gas-ah." Goodfellas, the emperor has played two sneeze.

"Aifei, you better hurry up if you are good, so I would hug you every day." Squeezed Zhenfei finished the emperor's nose.

Zhenfei laughs and says, "The emperor, after the matter, will say, first solve the kinds of tonight's Dragon."

"Really? Sure?"

"OK, OK."

"Well, I will meet you, let you do this, think next time, come on, even though put your horse over."
Lured by the emperor in Zhenfei, ultimately unable to control himself, completed the task of pregnancy, although the emperor had no uncertain Zhenfei in the end good, but one thing is sure, Zhenfei will not be any surprises, and this point is still the emperor very pleased.

That night in bed sleeping emperor is fragrant, suddenly, Li Gonggong scared Shengjiao shouting, "The emperor, the emperor is not good, something went wrong, static Princess Empress Palace fire, the emperor, you get up."

The emperor was still asleep awakened Li Gonggong cry, "What? A fire? Quickly sent to put out the fire, I'll be right." Emperor spoke side of the bed.

"Miss, miss." Xiao Qian in the crowd cried and cried, come quickly go to see the emperor, "Emperor, lady still inside it."

Ben emperor directed fire on the past, Li Gonggong quickly pulled the emperor, "Emperor, you do not life the emperor, !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! fierce fire, you do not have passed, this is very dangerous."

"Seiji, Seiji." Emperor of the sky and roaring crying, shouting.

"Li Gonggong, quick fire, quickly put out the fire, Seiji, I of Aifei, how could a fire? How do you not speak, say ah, how could a fire?" Directed at the maid and the presence of the emperor who roared.

Xiaoqian angry answer, "Yes Zhenfei, that she, her non-static Princess Goddess to find what one hundred twenty-three wooden play, blame you, Miss you back to me, you miss back to me." Xiao Qian spoke, he sprang Zhenfei directed.

Zhen Fei Xiaomei quickly stand in front of, "What are you doing, do the following guilty, out of the way, out of the way."

Emperor suddenly yelled, "Zhenfei, you bold, you ,,,。" emperor raised his hand just to fall Zhenfei face.

Mei Zhen Fei and master-servant duo knelt down, "Please indulgences emperor, the empress she was not intentional, she was afraid of the outside black, holding a candle, I did not expect, Goddess Princess Palace static accidentally lit up in the drapes , emperor, you will be fined penalty slaves on it, is the fault of slaves, slaves are not optimistic about the Goddess. "

"Now say what is the use of these, Seiji is still inside her, she died in the flames, Zhenfei, I promised you, and no trouble, which is something you forgot? You do not remember it? Finished , all over, I have the concubine of one dead, finished, ha ha ha, over, all over, ha ha ha. "side of himself emperor of walking, while laughing.

Li Gonggong hurried after him the emperor, "Emperor, you pay attention to body ah emperor dragon, emperor, you go, the emperor, you are so Laonu, the emperor."

Xiao Qian Jing Fei piece of ruins in front of the Palace shouted, "Miss, Miss, you, and so slaves, slaves which come to you. !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!!" Xiao Qian directed against the wall to finish, but do not know who to stopped, looked back and is Ligong Gong, "Li Gonggong? you do not chase the emperor to it?"

"The emperor has been asleep, and Xiao Qian girl, why bother you this is it, do not take things too hard."

"Li Gonggong, my master has gone, Xiao Qian who no longer need to serve, and also to stay in this world, what use is it?" Then with a sigh.

"Ghost Story girl, you think is not right, man alive, not only for others, but also for themselves, to be fair to yourself, you know, like you would a young age to commit suicide, do not urge calm."

"Thank you Ligong Gong, listened to your words, I feel much better."

"Then you recover from it early, to Pathwalker, send the girl back to recover from Xiao Qian."

Jing Fei so away, to say she went too hard to believe, the emperor sent the ashes to find, did not even see the wreckage of Princess static, !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! the emperor lying in the living quarters, eat or drink.

Xiao Qian Li Gonggong get the ease and no longer as obsessed with wondering, and much better social status, but my heart still misses Princess.

Jing Fei Xiao Qian is the servant girl brought from her family, or Xiaoqian how it always called the quiet Miss Fei, Xiao Qian Chu family was originally the daughter of an old mother, old mother after the death of Xiao Qian to stay put at home in Chu Chu clever man to see her quiet, serious, she took my side, static Princess palace to give her the time to find people to marry, refusing Xiaoqian, crying and shouting must accompany static Princess palace , master and servant two talents into a palace.

Two weeks later, the emperor suddenly posted notices, go to the temple pilgrimage.

Now fall on the left side the emperor Fei such a complete person, Zhenfei Although quiet, she was incoherent, and be a basket case, although the emperor did not believe that spirits can be no peace so this temple, the emperor heart also afraid of them, so that he would arrange to inform Ligong Gong, Fei go to the temple to the emperor and autumn pilgrimage.

"Mei, you have to look at Zhenfei, the emperor and autumn, and the Queen go to the temple to burn incense, you do not let Zhenfei running around, you know?" Li Gonggong pulled Xiaomei said.

"I know, Ligong Gong, rest assured."

"Mei, you quickly find an excuse to Zhenfei away, and one will pass from the emperor, the empress Zhenfei If blocked by bad, and go."

"Goddess, we went to play one hundred twenty-three Xiaoqian good wooden person."

Xiaomei away after the Zhenfei, !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! Li Gonggong was back to shouting, "the emperor, empress Zhenfei gone, you can come up."

"The emperor, the chair has long been ready, the emperor, please, please the Queen, Qi Jia." Ligong Gong in the emperor's chair next to follow.

"Li Gonggong, you have to leave more attendants to Mei?" Emperor opened Jiaolian asked.

"The emperor, you worry, Laonu have been arranged."

The emperor's chair just came to a street, suddenly stopped bearers, soldiers and followers, all bearers to run, and Li Gonggong a look hastily shouted, "escorting, escorting."

I saw from the sky, the restaurants, a black man flying in all directions, "dog emperor, ha ha ha, did not expect it, you have come down one day, Well, brothers, I killed this yung army."
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