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i have no friends, please help

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i have no friends, please help

Post by centurion on Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:07 pm

I am a 22 year old male with almost no social life. I go to college, and things are going well with it, but all this loneliness is killing me. I want to find new friends, new people that I can hang out with on a regular basis. I have only three friends that I see from time to time, since they are very busy with their work and college, therefore I can't rely on them much. I didn't find close friends at college, since most of the people in my group usually drink a lot when they go out and do drugs from time to time, and I have nothing in common with them. I tried to get closer with a couple of them, but they have no interest to be close friends with me, and they were the only ones I had an idea to start a friendship with. I have a couple of relatives in the town I study, and hoped that we would see each other at least from time to time once I got here, but after all this time they show no interest in me at all. I have no neighbors near me that are my age (most of them are older, from married people with small children, to elderly people). I've been training judo for a long time now, and in the dojo I go now, all of the people are 30+ years old, and some teenagers (12-16). Now I have run completely out of ideas how to solve my problem, so I ask for advice here. Thanks.
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Re: i have no friends, please help

Post by bananaman on Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:29 am

First of all how are your social skills?
To get more confidence with your social skills,start talking with people whenever you get a chance.Even with older or younger.Small talks is better than no talk.
Also you can start a part-time job (so you can attend college also),only for a few days .Try to get a job that has to do with socializing with people.The more you meet and practice your social skills the better chances you have to find someone you like and hang out.
Also you can join clubs of things you are interested in.You can find people everywhere.
Just have a chat if you can.Don't get creepy and know when to stop bothering the other person.Don't expect anyone to become instantly your friend.Just chat and you'll see in the end the chances will be on your side. 8-)
Hope i helped :D
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Re: i have no friends, please help

Post by ManOfSuccess on Fri May 03, 2013 11:32 pm

Hi Centurion

Firstly I would seen be in public. Join a small local gym (not a meat head gym) and don't have headphones in. Train hard and you will gain more confidence in a short period of time. When you go out at the weekend, even if at first it is on your own, have a couple of drinks. This will probably relax you and put you on a similar wavelength to others that are out enjoying themselves. If you got a part time job in a pub or bar this would immediately put you in the spotlight as you're serving the highly rated drinks!! (Even if it's a bottle of Corona!) Relax, have fun with people and if you really want to raise your game read books i.e. personal development books and self help because they work. In fact raise it further and start going to personal developement seminars and you will meet some extraordinary people and contacts.

Remember and understand the wise saying as it is true 'birds of a feather do flock together'.

Hope this advice makes sense.


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