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I got this Job by changing my jokes

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I got this Job by changing my jokes

Post by personalityguy on Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:48 pm

Hi Guys, I'd like to tell you my story

I remember when I had first left high school about 18 years ago. Man, that seems like a long time ago. I can recall how excited I was at the prospect of finding my first job. New beginnings and all. I 'm sure if you listening to this you'll agree it's kind of exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Well, me being who I am, jumped at all the opportunities I could find. Asking friends, looking at ads, even walking the streets, popping into every business I could find. I was young, inexperienced, had nothing going for me but I didn't care. I was going places and I was out to prove it.

But the longer I looked the more I started getting the feeling no one was going to hire me. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why. I did my due diligence. Got the paper, circled each ad and phoned the people. Made the appointment and went for the interview. I wasn't late, I was always on time, answered all the questions. Told them what they wanted to know, or so I thought. But no matter how I tried I never got anywhere.

I'm sure you can identify with me or know of some poor soul that does. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done to change the outcome.

Anyway, back to my story. After about 2 months I really started to feel depressed. I ended up going to the city with my mother each morning. She would encourage me to look for employment around the city where she worked. Well, needless to say there were always ads in the daily newspaper wanting employees and I would always apply with the same result. No one wanted me. I was truly in a bad place. I had hit rock bottom and I started get desperate.

Well one day I got paper as usual and found an ad looking for sales reps. I called them and went to the interview. I arrived as I did on time but there was a queue of people being interviewed. I thought "I know how this is going to go; I'll be back home looking at the paper in no time." It was so depressing seeing all those people in front of me because I knew they were far more experienced or at least that's what I told myself. So I waited for my impending doom.

I looked at the room around me. There loads of people that worked there. All were going about their day, chatting about their successes and all. However I did notice one thing that got my attention, and this is what gave me pause. Everyone in that office (besides the people waiting to be interviewed) had such energy! I mean real zest: excited about their day and the sales they'd accomplished. I was really impressed. I wasn't so much impressed with the sales or the comradery, but with the energy they exuded. I guess it stood out so much because it was so vivid. I remember seeing the boss walking down the corridor greeting everyone with such zeal. He gave them a firm hand shake and a great smile. Sometimes he would put out both arms and give people a real good shake on the shoulders, making sure they were felt welcome. It was quite a sight to see.

It was at that moment I realized something for the first time. The way I was feeling was never going to get me this job. I was so uninteresting, I was boring myself. The big truth that I realized at that moment was that if I was to get this job I had to speak the language of those people. If I went to that interview with my present demeanor I had no shot in hell of ever getting that job.

It was then I realized what I needed to do. Change the way I behaved. I needed to. If I was going to make any impression at all, any good impression, I had to change the way I came across. Now if you think about it it's a little obvious. If you want to talk to people and have a good effect on them you must present yourself in a relatable manner. I was so nervous, even from the beginning of my search for a job that I came across as a person who had no confidence. While I was in that building my nervousness was made obvious to me by the contrast of everyone's confidence and zeal. I suddenly realized that I need to change that fast.

So in a matter of seconds I lifted my head, sat up straight and started to psyche myself up for my interview. After another 45 minutes wait it was my turn. I was still nervous but ready. I marched straight into the office and greeted the woman waiting for me. I put a big smile on my face and shook her hand with such vigor it might have nearly have come off. I sat down and waited for her to start. Now I have to say that at that early age (18) I was really out of my element since everything in that place was so professional and kind of intimidating. But I said to myself, I had nothing to lose since I had been blown off so many times before. I thought one more rejection won't make a difference. So let her have all the energy I could bring to the table. She explained if I got the job what I'd be doing and then she asked me a question which gave me the opportunity to show I was the person for the job. She said "what makes you think you are the right man for this job!" I leaned forward looked straight into her eyes and grinned from ear to ear. I replied with enthusiasm "because there is NO ONE else that can do the job better than me. If you hire someone else you will lose the greatest salesman you have ever had." I really let her know I was the only one for the job. I made her feel that if she passed me up she would lose out BIG TIME! I wasn't rude just full of zeal and confidence. I projected such enthusiasm the feeling was palpable. She thanked me for my time and let me know that I was the perfect person for the job. I couldn't believe it, I was in shock. I have never forgotten that experience, because it taught me a very important lesson, and I'll get to that in a second. But first let me say before I get into trouble: what I did is not how you should conduct yourself in an interview. I probably should have been a little more reserved. But it just so happened they were looking for someone with a huge amount of determination.

Now getting back to the lesson I learned. If I hadn't realized that I needed to change my behavior from being depressed to confident. I would have never got that job. That I can say for sure. People respond to people they like. That is a truth you can take to the bank. Now in keeping with that truth my hope is that you will realize that we all need to be able to communicate with people every day. And that is where most of us struggle. Generally people don't know how to communicate effectively. Half the reason is we don't know what type of personality we have to deal with.

Supposing a person gets sick, let's call her Janis. Janis had the flu and went to the doctor who looked her over and gave her eye drops. Do you think that Janis would get better? NO of course not! The patient would probably never go back again. She would most likely tell all her friends about the crazy doctor.

The same goes for personalities. If you don't know how to talk to people and you give them the wrong kind of attitude you would probably get rejected in some form or another. People respond to people they like. Just like sick people get better to the right kind of medicine.

When that moment at the interview happened for me I realized that people respond willingly and openly to others that relate them. It may seem like I'm telling you something you know already, but even if we know what to do, we don't always do what we know. So often we say the wrong thing and the people we care about get hurt or just get more confused because we don't know how to communicate properly.

Over the years I've had such an interest with the subject of behavior I've picked up very helpful techniques to deal with difficult people. These techniques have helped me to cope with all sorts of people: from the very abrupt to the meek at heart. I have been able to understand why I have been misunderstood and how to remedy that.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had a friend say he's going to do something for you and then he doesn't? How frustrating is that? Well, now I know why he does not, and not just that. I know how to get him to follow through.

Everybody wants to be understood. The problem is that not everybody wants to listen. Listening is a lost art and very few people know how to do it. It's not just about hearing what a person says. It's about hearing where a person is coming from. If your friend is very warm and considerate and always seems to say polite things, there's a reason he/she is like that. Very often this kind of person says those things because they value friendship and they are always thinking how they can improve the status quo. As a result you might find such persons also take a long time to make decisions. This is because they will take their time thinking, weighing up the pros and cons, evaluating whether their decision will keep their friendship with you amicable. I'm sure you can think of someone like that. Think of the kind, friendly, warm and peaceful people. You know the ones I mean. Their always asking if you're OK. They always seem be so interested in your wellbeing. You'll notice they take their time with important decisions.

Maybe what I've just said has reminded you of someone you know. What I've done is taken the behavior patterns and worked out a way (through a lot of research) to not only understand the behavior, but how to respond and work with it.

If you can understand personalities like I can then the sky's the limit. Think about it. If you are a salesman and you are trying to sell to your customers. How much better could you work if you understood who your customer was, personality wise? You could not only know the right thing to say, but you would keep your customer's coming back because people buy things from people they like.

This principle can apply to just about anything. If you understand a person's personality then you are GOLDEN.
I am crazy about figuring people out, I don't go a day without thinking about it.

I've written a book on personalities and its been a great experience. I recommend writing a book to anyone. Its a wonderful way to process your thoughts.

If you want to check it out take a look at my website
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