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I can't Stop procrastinating

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Re: I can't Stop procrastinating

Post by paulofriends on Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:59 am


Maybe I can help, I've had the same problem and felt the same way.
what is finally working very well for me is the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin,
The principle is "Let Go", is you want to play, "Let go of the resistance" and play,
If you want to work, "Let go and Work"
If you don't want to play, let go ando don't play
if you don't want to work, let go and don't work.

How to Let Go?
Easy, listen to the Sedona Method and let Hale guide you
Even if you are procrastinating you can let go.
try it you'll like it :D
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Re: I can't Stop procrastinating

Post by supermedo on Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:46 pm

Thanks for the help everybody i will try all suggested above & i will notify you guys
if something has changed.

About Sedona method do i download the book or the audio or the vdeo ???
Curious Child
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Re: I can't Stop procrastinating

Post by Brokenvai on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:15 pm

Anything that works best to your advantage. :)

May I also suggest though, along with The Sedona Method, maybe you would like to try Mike Brescia's ThinkRightNow! programs. :) They have a special program called End Procrastination Now!. They are audio affirmations that follow the suggestopedia principle laid out by Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov. Sounds like big, complicated words, but really the idea is this: in calming yourself into a relaxed state (taken care of by the cd), and listening to 60 bpm music (such as Mozart and Bach), you will be put in the Alpha brain state, which is a highly intuitive, receptive state of the brain, which will lay out the paved way for the affirmations (repeated 3 times at 8 second intervals) to be "programmed" into your brain. These affirmations include clearing, and empowering affirmations. The clearing affirmations release and dissolve old behavior patterns (like procrastination) that you would like to get rid of, and the empowering affirmations are statements to install behavior patterns of the people most successful in executing behaviors and actions in the direction you want to take (getting past procrastination, getting the things you want done, having guilt-free play, etc.). No one on has uploaded the program yet (it is the only one not uploaded yet), but it is definitely optional to get it off torrent sites, or asking for it in the Request Upload section, which I already have done.

Have a beautiful day. :)
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Re: I can't Stop procrastinating

Post by supermedo on Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:54 pm

but it seems too good to be true
Anyway i searched the torrent sites & rapidshare sites
i found the only shared here in selfmadevip but i couldn't found Stop procrastinating now !
Well i will try motivation tape & see by myself

how long it will take to see any results ??
Curious Child
Curious Child
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Re: I can't Stop procrastinating

Post by kmerchant on Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:42 am

supermedo wrote:Thank you godlike
The Real problem is my mind i tried Dr.Neil foir techniques that i only work for 30 min & i don't have to ,i choose to work .
Still when i try to set on my computer to work my mind freeze & procrastinate And not only that i feel guilty afterward & i feel down .

which doesn't make any sense
if i want to get rid of this feeling all i have to do is to work a little

i will explain my problem in more detail :-

My Real passion is art , i used to draw when i was kid & everyone said that i'm talented + i won various drawing competition,after couple of years i don't know why or when i stopped drawing , i guess i didn't care about it , then out of now where i get the feeling that i want to make art , i started drawing but all i saw was children drawing so i deiced to dedicate this month to study 3D graphic art i get the app & i bought the tutorials & i started to learn after couple of days i stopped .

i Don't know maybe because i realized that developing my skill & getting my talent back need a lot of training & practice ?
That i want to skip the whole process of learning & get the magical talent right away?
maybe because I'm into quick fix schemes ?
i read a lot about Self-Discipline and procrastination
None of them helped .

Jut one thing i want add to all the good contributions of other fellow members. And that is GOAL.

Are you "really" pursuing things that you [b]truely, from the bottom of your heart,[/b] love or you are just doing it because everyone else is doing it ?

My personal experience says that no matter what technique you try, if you are not going in the direction of your dreams, you will not be motivated to take any action at all... or you will loose steam sooner rather than later.

Find your strenghts.. Find what gives you immense pleasure. That you can't wait to do every morning and you do it better than the most even without any material compensation. You do it to your best abilities (even stretch yourself) because it makes you feel good inside... It makes you feel significant in your eyes. What are the things that you would rather do even without the compensation of money and then figure out how you can be of service to others who need help in that field..

I will give you an example from one of Jack Canfield's Audio Series. Somewhere in America, there was a woman who loved watching opera and other gossip programs more than anything else... She came up with an idea that if she loves it so much, there must be other people who also share the similar hobby.

So she created a website where she would update all the major operas and other programs and people would pay to keep up-to-date with their favourite programs who otherwise miss all the daily gossips. Eventually she started earning decent income from home thru the website... and having a ball of time at that...

Example was given just to get your creative juices flowing... You will have lot more of fun earning money doing what you love rather than doing what you loathe.

I think the real reason of procrastination is the deep-seated dislike for the activity that you are forcing yourself to do... Have you ever thought that if you are procrastinating for let's say going to gym then at the same time, you are may be watching TV which is more emotionally satisfying to you.. You just can't sit idle and do nothing.. Everyone has preferences for something...

Find your preferences... AND GO FOR IT...

My two cents..

Good luck !!
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Self-Made VIP
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