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How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

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How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

Post by viktorados on Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:16 pm

1. Create A DREAM You Want and Focus On It

Bob Proctor mentioned in this free Attraction Accelerator Report A ' A"Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they are going after what they think they can get.A ' A

When you are going after the dream you want, you will be full of excitement to have that happen. If you are very excited and always focusing on how good it is to have your dream realize you won't spend time to think negative issues. You will try everything to achieve it and your focus shifted away from the negative thoughts.

If every area of your life are excited and what you want, your life is just excitement, fulfillment and inspirations.

2. A Mentor

When you have a mentor, he will know when you are sucked into the A ' A"negative black holeA ' A and know how to pull you out. He will train you how to speak, act and think like a successful man. This is the most important step after having a dream you want.

3. Successful Environment

ThereA ' s a saying by some of the most successful people A ' A"Your income is the average income of the 5 people you spent most time being with.A ' A A positive environment will not tolerate negativity. LetA ' s imagine you are having a meeting with 5 very positive people. YouA ' ll notice each time you brought up a negative opinion, youA ' ll either shut up or your speaking will be changed by yourself or those 5 positive people.

A positive thinking environment will not tolerate any negative thinking.

4. Gratitude

In A ' A"The SecretA ' A", youA ' ve probably heard of gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude. It impacts the way you think, speak and act into a positive manner. Normally people are focusing on what they donA ' t have or what they think they will lose:

A ' A"I donA ' t have a hot and sexy body.A ' A
A ' A"I donA ' t have enough money.A ' A
A ' A"I donA ' t have good speaking skills.A ' A


A ' A"What if I lose my job A ' A
A ' A"What if I lose my spouse and children A ' A

This is the normal way of thinking. If you are living you life like this, itA ' s very negative. All your life will be just about dissatisfactions of lacking and fear of losing. If you are practicing gratitude, youA ' ll will have all these thoughts:

A ' A"I am happy and grateful to live.A ' A
A ' A"I am happy and grateful to have a job and a meal in front of my table.A ' A
A ' A"I am happy and grateful to have this and that. What else can I create for my life and other people.A ' A

This is a very positive and powerful thought that disappears your negative thoughts immediately and you are able to influence people around you.

5. Take out a piece of paper

When you are thinking negative, take out a piece of paper and pen. Answer the following question:

Question 1: What is your concern that make you feel negative (It might be a concern that youA ' ll lose money or someone in your life. Just write it down to make it clear.)

Question 2: What happen that cause you having the concern (You wonA ' t have concern out of a sudden. What happen that make you start to concern Probably you are not making sales that cause you concern about your business or your spouse just had an argument with you that cause you concern about the marriage.)

**After answering your question 2, cross out the answer of the question 1 because that is your expectation of the worst situation that might happen from question 2. Those are illusions that make you get stuck in your own negative thoughts.

Question 3: How to handle or deal with the answer in question 2 (Once you disappear your concern, this question bring you to think positively and move on. You are no longer stuck.)

After answering these 3 question, your negative thoughts will be gone and youA ' ll realize that you are already in a positive mindset.
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Re: How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

Post by developing_success on Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:22 pm

Many people are stuck at the first Step, i myself sometimes :( .
As for a mentor i don't know any one, all the people i know live "in the bad reality", i could be my own mentor, or audiobooks, or online mentors.
I don't feel that i have a successful environment, my family and most of the people i know have the "rat race" mentality, just average and very MEDIOCRE :( .
So all i have to do is to be grateful, even if i always want to be/have more than i currently am/have.
The "piece of paper method" is good, i've did it a couple of times, although many of my "challenges" must be resolved with action :)
But This is my life, i hope your is better :D
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Re: How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

Post by ronn on Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:31 am

ha haaaaa you think negative already.... now just follow the steps given. As for mentor maybe you can change to somebody yoou idolize, say jesus christ may be or Ghandi, or whoever you like the most even your self.
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Re: How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

Post by newmister on Sat Feb 09, 2008 7:45 am

As for me all these things are right.
The hardest is to controll your mind, to throw away bad thoughts.
After that you have to try make all things/goals you've written.
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Re: How To Think Positive And Stop Thinking Negative?

Post by markzor on Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:23 am

if your aways negative, then it's very hard for you to change as a person to a positive one.
however..our sub-conscious mind always bring ourselves to our old habits. sure you might do some motivations and be inspired for a couples of days, but aftermath.. your back to your old negative self since your sub conscious mind is already absorbed with negative feelings. also. some people think that they can't be happy and when they are happy, they feel guilty about it.

what's wrong about being happy why do you need feel guilty about it very hard to fight the subconscious mind..
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