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How To Love Yourself: In 50 Tips

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How To Love Yourself: In 50 Tips

Post by Writer on Fri May 11, 2012 3:28 am

Hi every body
How are you all ?
Recently, I have published my 1st. book on Amazone kindle store, which is called :

How To Love Yourself: In 50 Tips

It consists of just 50 tips without long explanation, So I made its price very low, Just .99 $.
This book tells you 50 tips about being loved by yourself. These tips will give you the keys of your inner peace. Read them well, and let them work inside your soul, then I hope that you will find a new space of love you did not recognize before.
Tip like :
1) Accept yourself as you are.

2) Always think about those who wish to be

3) Your body is not you, it is just a part.

4) Listen to great music and think that you are greater, because if you were not there, that music would be nothing.

Book Link on Amazon :

Thank you all
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