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How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

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How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

Post by rugard on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:43 pm

I've been into PD for 3 years (with breaks). After countless experiments, fails and successes I can tell you one thing:

It all comes down to energy.
I mean general (physical and mental) energy.

If your energy level is so-so, you are unable to apply any personal development advice. All these high-level tips are simply irrelevant. You can read the whole and listen to all Robbin's tapes. You can plan and decide to change. But you must fail.

In low-energy days, appealing goals won't help. Neither Robins' NLP and "chest pounding" techniques. Like an expensive car, ready to pursue, but out of fuel. Just won't go!

Personally I have high energy days maybe 6-8 times per month. And these are great days, full of fast-paced action, following through and doing challenging things.

But then I am dead burnt out and simply must wait for the next period, which frustrates me like hell.

This is why energetic people are very successful. They simply have the fuel to do things...

In recent year, I completley gave up fast-food. I cut down on red meat to once per day (was: 4-5 times!). I started eating fruits every day and taking vitamins. I sleep more regularly and run 2 times a week. I have never smoked, never tried drugs.

And still I DON'T see any noticable improvement in energy level. WTF !

So the question is:
Have anybody managed to really improve general energy level Long-term
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Re: How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

Post by real on Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:43 am

Very interesting topic.

My observations of people you refer to as energetic and thus more successful I noticed that this high energetic level is often faked at the start. Slowly the person reaches the state of genuine high energy without other people noticing the inner change of state. With practice you may be able to display high energy state without actually being in it. If you do not reach a genuine high energetic state you get tired and your social mask breaks apart. It is like a game of social dynamics. Thus, you reach high energy level by interacting with people in a certain (positive, giving) way.

Another way is the gratitude meditation known in the context of the law of attraction. You identify things you like in your life and thank for it. If you do it right (thanking in a sincere way), this will uplift your state inevidably, or as the teachers of the law of attraction say: you will get vibrationally alligned with your higher self, which is a persistently and naturally joyous being.

Music you like helps also. Listening to music you like can raise your state.

These strategies work for me and have really improved my avarage state. However, I have not achieved yet a persistent high energetic level.
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Re: How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

Post by maxdog on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:32 pm

I have managed to increase my energy level with running it really helps when you havenA t been out running for 3 days you explode and then you must go running.
And the best thing for me is caffeine. The world is against it but coffe doesnA t really make you sick and since I drink coffe 3 times a day i have extatic energy the whole day.
Stevepavlina often writes that caffeine changes your thoughts and therefore itA s bad but when i drink coffe my thoughts are changed for the better i am full of energy and positive!
I am writing this in a wooooooohooooo state because i drank strong coffe 15 minutes ago. :lol:
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Re: How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

Post by sky on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:59 pm

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Re: How to have lots of energy on a daily basis?

Post by fadida on Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:27 pm

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