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How to get rich folks to my exhibition???

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How to get rich folks to my exhibition???

Post by krisztiko on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:07 am

Hi people!

Number 1 issue)
I'm planning a group exhibition with two of my friends.
We already have the space rented, it's quite well known in this area- which is already a miracle to me that the Universe gave us this opportunity.
Last time we did a show, there were barely any people besides friends and family.
This time of course, I want the wealthy art-interested people to come see, but unfortunatelly I dont have any serious contacts, neither do my friends.
I trust my work, I know I can sell, I know asking for help here is exactly the right thing to do.

Does anyone maybe have an idea on how to get those peeps to the show? :unsure:
Besides the usual flyers, posters and newsletters I also wanted to inform several newspapers. Do you think that might do the trick already? Should I try to contact business people directly? But how does my invitation get past the secretary? :blink:

Number 2)
Another issue I have with the exhibiton is one of those two friends. Sadly I feel she might unconsciously try to sabotage the show, since she is nothing but a black cloud of unhealthy energy. (Dont even ask me why Im friends with her...) So in a group of three she always has to pick on one person to not feel singled out. The other friend and myself are quite organized and can deal with the situation quite "businessy"; we also never have the fear of being left out of our menage a trois.
The "unhealthy energy"-friend even tries to split our meetings about the organization of the exhibition by always contacting only one of us others, while we have to tell her all the time "please let us discuss this when we are all together."
I would really love to get some advice on how to deal with that negative friend of mine, because I feel like she is threatening the whole project, but I also dont have the authority to tell her she cant particpate at all.

Thank you all in advance!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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