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How to get purge of fright when making decisions ?

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How to get purge of fright when making decisions ?

Post by marilynthompson on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:30 am

I have this big difficulty of not being able to compose decisions. Particularly big decisions. It's like I want a bit and I work to get it and when I have an opportunity finally, I freak out. I begin thinking about what I might drop, that things won't work out there, I won't like it, and I’ll regret it and many more. I think this is usual for many people, but why if deep inside I wanted it, I made a decision to go for it and just when all is left is to skip - I back away. Like the thing with moving... I wanted it for a long time, but still can't do it, the thing that always makes me irritated is about leaving my parents and I think about who'll take care of them when they are really old...and this makes me feel so guilty (even though both my parents moved away to different city from their parents and they support me in my decision), but I keep thinking about it over and over again, making myself feeling really bad and sad and that's what’s share me back...

I just want to know how to break this "wall" that I always bump into...

I read Steve's articles that are really cheering: "Regretting tomorrow" and "Making decisions that stick", I get encouraged when I read them, but then it all comes back...

I really wish I could stop perturbing about the potential too much...

I want to learn how to bungee jump without spending 2 hours at the top there thinking about how'd it feel, will the lash split... and just fly, because if I'm standing there with ropes around my waist - that's what I wanted to do..

Thank You
Christopher Duncan
Christopher Duncan
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Re: How to get purge of fright when making decisions ?

Post by kronker on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:00 am

I had a lot of similiar issues and I've found what has helped the most is releasing or The Sedona Method.

Check out Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskin. It's all about emotions. And you've probably notice that the more you fight them, the stronger they tend to get. Consciously you want to do something but underneath that there is a strong push or pull in another direction. A strong feeling stopping you or pushing you away.

When you release on those emotions you're left your best self. Your naturally confident, intelligent, self. A person who finds success effortlessly.

This stuff has changed my life and that is why I have decided to tell you about it.
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