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How Do i deal with these emotions?

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How Do i deal with these emotions?

Post by spiritually7377 on Mon May 09, 2011 5:12 am

Hi all smvians!!!
Have been going on a roaler coaster of emotions since 2 years.I try very hard but the opposite happens-try not to compare with my peers-end up feeling miserable every day that i am here while they are there!!!
Try to do everyday something new-end up with the same rigmarole-feeling misearble-dont want 2 end up on prescription drugs-started yoga and feeling slightly sane-any ideas how i can be proactive??? started 2 listen up john hill,wayne dweyer etc...feel good for a while then the same thing --how do i break up my emotions???Thanks for listening.
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Re: How Do i deal with these emotions?

Post by serpient4 on Mon May 09, 2011 11:50 am


Following your request for help here comes quite a long list of possible options and choices derived from my personal experience. At first it might seem a bit daunting but following your intuition and what feels, looks and sounds right to you - I am confident that you will find the right thing to create the outcome you desire even faster than you thought possible.

Consider the following techniques and approaches:

emotional freedom technique - works with tapping meridian points on your body
there are quite a few free videos on youtube to get you started and even a lot of free resources on the net if you happen to like this approach.

Sedona Method
thats an emotional freeing technique guiding your awareness to release emotions.
This really is amazing and I have used it at length. The technique is pretty simple and can be applied to all sorts of emotional issues.

Alexander Technique
alexander technique is about physical posture and direction of the body.
proper use of the body and alignment of its parts immensely promotes positive feelings and tranquility. Controlling your physiology is one amazing part of dissolving negative thought patterns (and therefor physiology patterns because both of them are connected)

Also you could try LifeFlow - it might aid you in your meditations.
Brainwave Entrainment induces certain states of mind by directly influencing the brain.
This stuff really works and there are alternative programs to lifeflow.

Further down the road you as well could look into "progressive muscle relaxation" but the relaxation should go along with your meditation anyways. Also be aware of how you feel when going to bed in the evening - are you nervous or anxious? Use relaxation techniques to get to a quiet and pleasant place (there can be no fear or bad emotion when the body is totally relaxed. really. physiology and emotions always go hand in hand). When you sleep good you also feel better in the daytime.

After becoming more and more aware of your stress levels you can start to dissolve them even any time during the day stress may come up. Make stress a sign for you to remind your body of how good you can feel by relaxing and being aware of the moment.
Also letting go and thinking invigorating thoughts for like a minute can help (thinking about something pleasant whatever that might be for long enough to induce positive feelings and neutralize the negative thought pattern (of course including your physiology - standing straight and taking up space, standing relaxed etc.)

Also when you look for spiritual guidance or calming words you might search for "OSHO" on youtube.

Another thing that could help you is reading Eckhart Tolle:

He talks about being aware of your emotions without judging them. Being present can really take the wind out of an emotional rollercoaster.

In the spirit of these teachings you can try the following which has helped me tremendously:
After you wake up in the morning and do your morning-routine: carefully observe and listen to your self-talk. You say you try to do something new every day. I suggest you can also become aware of what it is you are already doing that is producing the results you are now getting. Accept that you are shaping your own experience.

Get very clear on what your desired outcome is. The clearer you get on it the better.
Imagine what it feels like to already have emotional well-being and peace. Put the focus on the positive outcome and accept every little obstacle along the way. Enjoy making progress - sometimes slower - sometimes even faster than you thought possible.

Just google the names and let me know if I can help you with anything.
I am sure there is some approach that can help you and now with a constant focus on what your desired outcome is with each day you can bring more and more peace and well-being into your life.

Best wishes and mental quietude to enjoy what is
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Re: How Do i deal with these emotions?

Post by spiritually7377 on Wed May 11, 2011 3:03 am

Thank you so much for your genuine concern.Started with morning walk and also listening to Les Brown .will follow up with as you have detailed.Hope to follow up with good results.Thanks again. :D
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