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Horrible experience with Anthony Robbins Coaches

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Re: Horrible experience with Anthony Robbins Coaches

Post by lukeslater on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:28 pm

AMEN. :roll:
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Re: Horrible experience with Anthony Robbins Coaches

Post by Goldy2 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:09 am

billionairekid18 wrote:You know what, it's hard to drastically change your lifestyle so that you start producing action.
That's my biggest obstacle. I hadn't figured out how to make the behavioral change and without someone to help push me, I've struggled.

A few months ago I paid an acquaintance of mine 5 bucks just to go in town with me and not allow me to go home without first doing a simple assignment (talking to 20 girls asking their opinion on favourite film and musical number- I was going through process of defeating my shyness) which I knew would bring me closer to my goals, the assignment was simple and easy to do but I just wasn't able to force myself to do it alone(cause I wasnt used to doing it) ...

The funny thing happened, when I kind tried to give up , he didn't oppose me and I finished encouraging and cheering up both of us to go through the task, until I finnally did it!

hehehe.... so he got his 5 bucks and I got my experience...what I am saying, if you read the materials available, perhaps you don't need a highly paid coach, but perhaps anybody sightly motivated to cheer you up and make sure you don't avoid doing what you already know you need to do.


p.s. he was an ideal person to 'coach me' through this task because we have barely known each other and perhaps that was a reason I didn't hesitated to do the task( perhaps if i invited someone more familiar with me I would hesitate cause the person would be reminding me of my old self-image)
Later on he confided me that He was not any symphatetic with me until that very experience we gone through together, and that was a keypoint where his opinion of me changed to a better one....
When you're ready to quit, you're closer than you think. Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. Only those who are asleep make no mistakes, losing is simply learning how to win, there is no failure, only feedback!
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Re: Horrible experience with Anthony Robbins Coaches

Post by Coach Fred on Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:24 pm

I completely disagree with what he said about Sharon Delgado. I had a coaching session with her, and I was really impressed with her coaching skills.

It's true that she's a tough cookie, but her heart is in the right place and it was clear that she had my best interests at heart. And it's true that she used some profanity, but she only used it to interrupt my pattern and get me into a more empowered state. She never used profanity to offend me or put me down. She was very effective. And compared to how much profanity Tony Robbins uses at his live events, she was like Mother Teresa!

Much like the reviewer said, I left the session feeling like crap. That's because Sharon showed me things about myself that deep down, I knew were true, but I didn't want to admit were true. She was so perceptive and she was 100 % right about my patterns and everything that was holding me back.

Thank god she told me what I needed to hear and didn't just say what I wanted to hear! And it was a good thing I that felt like crap after the call, because that was the pain that I needed to break out of my comfort zone and motivate me to take some action toward improving my life.

I wasn't even making enough money to pay for coaching. I had just enough for one month's coaching from my tax refund. But within one month of coaching, I increased my income so I could afford to pay for my coach!

I'm so grateful for my session with Sharon, because I know that I wouldn't have signed up for coaching if she wasn't so good at what she does. And If I didn't sign up for coaching, then I wouldn't be getting all the great results that I'm getting right now!

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