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Honest Woodcutter

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Honest Woodcutter

Post by 4everlearner on Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:35 am

Honest Woodcutter

One day a woodcutter was cutting wood on the bank of a river. Suddenly his axe fell into the water. The poor woodcutter did not know how to swim. So he prayed to the river God.

The river God heard his prayer and appeared before him. "What is the matter, my good man " he asked. "Help me," said the woodcutter. I am poor and I lost my axe. If I don't get my axe back, I will starve to death.

"Very well", answered the God. "You shall have your axe." God dived into the river and brought up an axe made of gold.

"Is this your axe, my good man " he said.

"No," said the woodcutter. "That is not my axe."

Then God brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter again said that it was not his axe. The third time he brought up the axe which woodcutter had lost.

The woodcutter was very happy. "This is my axe."

God was pleased with woodcutter's honesty. He gave the gold axe and the silver axe also to him.

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