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Hi there, quick intro.

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Hi there, quick intro.

Post by MasterField_409 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:31 am

Just dropping a few quick lines to express my gratitude for this forum and a short explanation about myself and my intentions.

I'm somewhat young and new to the whole forum thing. This one here seemed a good fit as I am hoping to become self employed within this following year. I'm hoping that through reading along in this forum and others like it I will become more accustomed to the way people 'make it' in this field.

This seems like a very positive and productive place, so thanks to the owners and moderators for taking the time to put this all together.

I hope to bring out as much informative and news about systems and technologies that can help increase the ability to bring success into our lives. I've dabbled in quite a bit of fringe sciences and physics on my own time to see what exactly works, to separate the bogus self help guru stuff from the real, lab tested, mathematically solid techniques proven with science.

So thanks for listening,

-K. E
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