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"My life has been one hell of a rollercoaster... I was feeling down recently, really down, and then I found the front page of this place... Never Never Never Give Up... W.Churchill... It really helped me - just to look at it :D Its not easy to develop your life and yourself at the same time... I'm sure, this place will give me heaps of inspiration as I go for it... cheers all... God Bless"
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Post by OverThere on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:53 am

Outstanding board, filled with possibilities and directions.
I'm a West Coast Canadian who likes reading fact and fiction, films, people and living life with a smile.
Hoping to find my way around here a littler better in the next while. It's a BIG forum!
What does not fill me makes me hunger.
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Re: Hi!

Post by MelissaDaisy99 on Mon May 09, 2011 1:29 am

Hi, I am Melissa Daisy from Canada just join this community need your welcome hope that i ll gain so much from here

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