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Hi from Russia...

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Hi from Russia...

Post by OGS on Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:42 pm

Hello everybody.

My first impression: very nice site, though has too many forbidding rules.
My name is Oleg. I'm 42... from Russia....
Can this forum be useful for me No idea.... all what i'm looking for is closed now. Will see.

Kind regards,
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Re: Hi from Russia...

Post by markzor on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:29 am

Hello Oleg.

Is that you in the photo, you look very successful and also a very wise man. You're from Russia, that's fascinating. Also my good friend is from Russia, his nationality is Russian and he's so wise when he talks with his accent. Anyways, Your age is 42, that is wonderful and I know you will be astound what this site gotta offer before you've become a full fledged member. We need more members like this, if you choose to stay on this site, you will be a good legacy to this community and members will seek you for help.You can share your wonderful knowledge to this community and they'll applaud you.
I seriously hope you stay on this site Oleg. At the age of 42 and not choosing to stay on this site is very heart-wreckening for the community. We would love you to stay on this site and I know by the end of the day, this site would be very useful to you.
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