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Hi everybody

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Hi everybody

Post by Alphamale on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:32 am

Hi everybody,
I'm going to introduce myself to the forum,
I’m an optimistic I have always been.
I wake up every morning with a smile. And if I sometime feel a bit down I motivate myself thinking and focusing in positive thoughts.
I really think there is kind of a social conspiracy to make people feel insecure and have low self esteem. It starts when we are kids and our parents didn’t know any better than to start blaming us for things we did or did not do and comparing us with other people that were supposed to be better than ourselves. They were somehow transferring to us there limitations. Then we have the social standards ie. How you are supposed to be : handsome, beautiful, muscular, fit, intelligent, sense of humour, confidence, etc, etc
I’m my opinion there are two kind of persons in this world , those who have wellbeing and those who don’t. Those who don’t have wellbeing, need to criticize people to feel better with yourself, they emotional vampires. Those who have wellbeing feel better by confronting their fears , by getting out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves to grow as persons, professionals ,etc…
I consider myself as a leader. I have always had my own ideas about the world we live in.
I’m an avid learner and like to learn anything that can make me a better professional, a better father for my kids , a better husband and lover for my wife, etc…I love psychology , I love martial arts, I’m a NLP practitioner. I think NLP is fantastic. I’d like to learn a bit of hypnosis. I use EFT now and again and think it works. I have improved myself a lot through the philosophies of PUA’s and inner game.
I want to raise my kids to be successful and leaders in life. I believe the world needs more leaders to influence those who have lost hope. I really believe in sharing knowledge with people and learning from others. We don’t need to make all the mistakes ourselves we can learn from other people’s mistakes as well.
I ‘m happy to have found website and hope to learn from you and your experiences guys.

Regards and success for all of you.
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