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Help - Studing in U.S.A as a foreigner

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Help - Studing in U.S.A as a foreigner

Post by Knifed on Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:06 pm

Hi guys , I don't really know if this forum is really the place to discuss this but do know that''s about success and becoming successfull in life. :) So it's like my childhood dream to live and study in U.S.A but can someone just give me some insight about the way I could apply myself to an univeritity because all their websites are all messy for me , and really I just cannot understand can I as a foreigner to apply myself for an university with no money at my pocket , and if I get accepted just to go on campus there and pay about my living and studying there with a student laun , do really they give such thing to foreigners ?! :) I'll be really glad if someone can explain how the thing about universities in USA works in normal way.
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Re: Help - Studing in U.S.A as a foreigner

Post by irfan on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:53 am

Look the demand is high while the supply is low at most good US to stand out of the competition you got to convince the admission officer that why he should give you the chance instead of another guy, i.e. what are your qualities are and how are you going to make a difference in the short and long term........

these are just simple rules of economics and marketing that works in every arena of life, whether it be business or university admission or job application but just in different forms for example in business you advertise, similarly for university application you fulfill the minimums like a SAT and TOEFL score, write motivation letters/essays, present your extracurricular activities............etc

so in this way if the admission officer finds that you meet the minimum, you will get the admission and if you have something extra and you can prove that you will be a potential asset for the university you will get the funding i.e. scholarship/financial aid.....whatever they call it !!!

anyway wish you best of luck and every success in your pursuit of HAPPYNESS :)
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