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Help me, Help you.

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Help me, Help you.

Post by MoneyMaker on Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:10 pm

Looking for a way to make some extra dollars easily? Here's a solution.
Turn $9 into $1000's.

Earn money using PAYPAL
all you need is:
1) An email address
2) A PayPal account
3) $9.00

NOTE: This is a current 2011 List.
You are sending 5 dollars to one person, and 1 dollar to 4 people.
If you have $9.00, a little bit of time, and some dedication you could bring in a substantial return.

The process is simple.

The first thing to do is highlight and SAVE this entire post. After
that, if you are not already a PayPal user you need to go to
the PayPal website at and
SIGN UP. If you want to be able to receive credit card payments from
other people then you will need to sign up for a PREMIER or BUSINESS
account (not just a PERSONAL
account). This is highly recommended to allow others easy payment
options. In order to place the initial $9 into your account, you
will have to verify your bank account with PAYPAL (which may take a
few days). PAYPAL is 100% secure and is used by millions of people

The first thing to do is to send a $5.00 payment to the first person on the current list, and then 1 dollar to the remaining four people from your PayPal account. To do
this quickly and successfully,
follow these simple steps:
1. Login to PayPal and click on the "Send Money" tab near the top of
the screen
2. In the "Recipient's Email" field enter the email address
3. In the "Amount" field enter "5" or “1”(This is your payment).
4. In the "Category" field under the “Personal” tab select “Gift.”
5. In the "Subject" field type "EMAIL LIST", and in the "NOTE" field
enter "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST". By doing this, you are
creating a service and maintaining the legality of the system by
"paying" for the service.
6. Finally, click on the "Continue" button to complete the payment.
Repeat these steps for each of the 6 email addresses.

Here is the current email list:


Now take the #1 email off of the list that you see above (from your
saved file), move the other addresses up (5 becomes 4, 4 becomes 3,
etc.) and add YOUR email address (the one used for your PayPal
account) as number 5 on the list. This is the only part of the
document that should be changed.
** Make sure your email address is the one you have registered with PayPal **

Post your amended article to as many newsgroups, forums, or message
boards as you can. The more the better for everyone involved.
Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of groups online! Use
Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or whatever your internet browser is to search for various news groups, log on to any search engine like or and type in
a catchy subject like, “TURN $9 INTO THOUSANDS!.

The idea of making a very good return on such a small initial investment appeals to nearly everyone. The truth is this can be a reality. When you take the person from the top, adding yourself to the end of the list, and repost to 200 various forums, it is estimated that AT LEAST 15 people will respond and send you $1.00. The more people who respond and follow through to repost this, the more likely you will be to get a handsome return. As it circulates, and you move from the bottom of the list to the top you only make more. When the first 15 people respond you already double your investment. When those 15 repost, and they each get 15 responses, then you’ve made over $225. When those 225 people repost and move you up the list, you will make over 3000 in returns. By the time you get to the top of the list, there may be literally hundreds to thousands of people to send you $5. Keep in mind, this is a conservative number based on only 15 responses. Imagine if 30 people responded or more. In the end, your return may be beyond your wildest dreams. REMEMBER, THE MORE YOU POST, THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE!!

My name is Sally, and I am 32 and live in Denver, Colorado. I am a single mother who works all day, and then I come home to cook and clean, and make sure my kids homework is done, to do the laundry, and so on and so on. I was looking into ways to bring in some extra income and found this investment scheme online. I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought to myself, “Oh, Geez! Another stupid get rich quick scheme!” I dismissed the possibility altogether. After all, it seemed too good to be true. A few months later I was still finding myself struggling to pay all my bills, to get my kids the supplies they needed for school, to even put food on the table. One morning while lying in bed overwhelmed with my finances and daily life the idea came into my head again to check into this $9.00 investment. I thought to myself, why not? It will cost me less than $10 bucks, and I have the time to repost it on a few websites a night. And I realized that the most I had to lose is 10 dollars. I was willing to take the chance. So I changed my attitude of disbelief and actually did it. I signed up to Paypal, deposited some money, and sent it off to the people on the list. Once that was done I said to myself, “Well, I guess I’ll see what happens.” After a few days of posting to different forums, sure enough, to my surprise I was already up 12 dollars! Then it soon it was over $100. In a matter of weeks to months my account had grown to nearly $50,000! I couldn’t believe it. This really works. I highly recommend this to anyone who has $10 and some time and devotion. Amazing!

I am a skeptical guy. When I saw someone posted this investment opportunity on a motorcycle forum I was annoyed at best. But I read through it anyway, and I was surprisingly compelled. I wasn’t really hurting for cash, but who couldn’t use a little more money? I figured I might as well try it, after all, it is easy enough. And let’s just say I’m glad I did. It’s easy, it requires next to nothing in initial capital, and with the amount I have received I’ve knocked off all of my student loans—close to 38,000 dollars. Do it! Follow the instructions, be fair, and let Karma come back to you. You will be surprised at the results.
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