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Hello what a fantastic site

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Hello what a fantastic site

Post by Chris from nz on Sat May 21, 2011 7:50 am

It is funny how we struggle through life until finally one day you ask yourself what you can do to change your lot in life. The last few years have been hell - a self-imposed hell.

I felt so depressed and stuck in a rut where the most important things in my life was puffing on smokes and playing stupid facebook games. I found myself setting my alarm clock at random times just so that i could play more of the games when my energy or whatever replenished. What a loser I was!

The one thing that changed my life was my best friend's son who I've spent a lot of time with asked me a question that really affected me and I knew I had to change my life: "how come you always look so angry?"

This coming from a 5 year old is not good. I knew I would change and did. I forced myself to avoid any possible situations which would trigger my own negative mind traps so avoided tv, depressing alternative news sites/conspiracy sites and immediately ceased playing those Facebook games.

I read The Secret and although nice wasn't really what I needed. Then I came across Anthony Robbins Personal Power II Course which I have just eagerly worked through. I am studying some training courses and now planning out my days and weeks, recording what i am doing as I go along.

I am going to become a successful internet marketer and at the same time will provide valuable information to my customers.

I don't care how long it takes, i just know I will become successful, most importantly for me I now have meaning in my life and do not hate myself anymore.

I've found personally that being depressed, angry, distracting yourself from living by filling your time up with empty useless activities such as watching tv or playing facebook games, simply busying your life up changes everything.

Sorry about the long intro, this has seemed more beneficial to me than anybody reading this.

I'll definitely be spending much time looking at this forum.
Chris from nz
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