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Hello, Hello, Hello

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Hello, Hello, Hello

Post by DArlandoFortune on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:27 am

Hey, new extended fam! I am proud to say that I posted my first blog entry today. From there I set out to find like-minded people to discuss success with. I cut my search short due a prior engagement and have returned to find this forum. To think that googling "li ka shing diversified" would have brought me to this forum is nothing short of a divine intervention. I was looking through this year's list of The World's Billionaires TOP 100. I noticed 'diversified' for a number of the the Asian billionaires so I wanted to research just how diversified that 'diversified' must be in order to list a person's source fo wealth as 'diversified'. Have you all caught onto how the "d-word" captured my attention. Ha.

Anyway, my search has led me to this forum and I am happy to be here at the top of the list of new members (for however long, or short, my claim to this position may be). Well, I have nothing more to say in this post as to my interest in checking out more of this forum so I would like to repeat my comment by standing up and yelling, "I am very happy to be here!" like Eddie Murphy's African prince character in Coming to America.

Thanks for reading. And remember to keep it as simple as 1-2-3's, A-B-C's, and do-re-mi's!!!
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