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Greetings from the GTA (~Toronto, ON)

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Greetings from the GTA (~Toronto, ON)

Post by Siambi on Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:15 am

Hi everyone,

This is my first post at Selfmadevip. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and thank the creators of SMV for making this website a reality. I stumbled across SMV and am very glad that I did.

It is everything I could have wished for - and more. And it is wonderfully refreshing to have found a community of likeminded individuals, ie. positive, progressive, success-minded.

- My first impression of this forum: I was amazed that it existed and excited about the amount of great information that I found here. I love everything about the forum - it's design (ie. the affirmations, the inspirational quotes, pictures of success, resources, forum categories (which I have yet to really explore), etc.), environment (of positivity and helpfulness), and newsletters (my daily pick-me-up).

- Who I am: I'm a 30-odd year old employee seeking to redesign and take ownership of my life as a self-employed/business owner.

- The region I am from: the western GTA, just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

- My hobbies: reading, surfing the net, exploring different cultures, traveling, learning new things.

- How this forum will be useful for me: I very recently arrived at the conclusion that I was a victim of self-sabotage and in need of some serious self-development. (I had hit a wall while trying to change my current reality and pursue my dreams.) And shortly thereafter - law of attraction - I "stumbled" upon SMV... So, with the help of SMV, I am going to whip my subconscious mind into shape and continue tackling my dreams.

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Re: Greetings from the GTA (~Toronto, ON)

Post by developing_success on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:46 am

Hi Siambi, although i never been employed (not because i have my own business, or so, but because i'm relative young and i can afford this luxury) i already know how i will feel at a job, i would say like a prisoner, you only have the illusion of freedom. If you think that having a job means freedom just think about one simple thing: can you afford to miss even a day? Just trying to use negative reinforcement over here ;)

"Law of attraction" surprises you sometimes, and yes you can do whatever you want, if the pleasure of the result is greater everyday than your comfort zone :!:
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Re: Greetings from the GTA (~Toronto, ON)

Post by LOACentral on Fri May 25, 2012 2:12 pm


Greetings from the east end of the GTA!

The law of attraction is an awesome tool once you understand the fundamentals. I hope you find everything you are looking for!

One tip I can give you is that gratitude is a key component when useing the law of attraction. You should journal what you are thankful for each day, also
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