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Greetings from Me

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Greetings from Me

Post by developing_success on Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:02 pm

Hi people, it is nice to be here :D

When i saw the forum i've said to myself: "If there was only one forum that will truly make my life better, this would be it!", a succes in life forum is exactly what i want 8)
I'm Liviu (it's a nick name actually, my friends call me like this),i'm from Romania, i have 17 years old, i go to school, and my primarily hobby is selfdevelopment :)
I think this forum will be another source of information, that it would be very useful for a successful life :wink:
I'll surely be sticking around 8)

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Post by viktorados on Sun Feb 18, 2007 1:28 am

Hello, liviurevenger. Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you love it. :D
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self improvement *is* the decision to meet life head-on

Post by gr1ts on Fri Mar 16, 2007 7:09 pm

Great to meet you Liviu.
I have an interest in languages, though I have committed most time to the perfection of my use of english there are many other languages I find appealing.

I was drawn to reply to you, firstly due to your enthusiasm, your sincere youthful zeal, and furthermore because I also feel I should let a fellow brother know that self-improvement, the decision to seek and take decisions that will improve your life (and that of those around you as a side-effect) is, in my humble opinion, what life is about.

At the opposite extreme you have passivity; letting life 'wash over you', making the only (passive) decision be that you take no decisions. You have reduced yourself to something which is not alive, by negating your ability to decide.

So choosing self-improvement is choosing to live intensely, to the fullest amount possible for a being in this existance. To decide for yourself, to aim to decide the best for yourself; till the very end. Fearless. For self-improvement involves facing the masked demons that pull each of down by manipulating our most private being.
Nothing will ever be tougher.

One of my hobbies is languages.
Living intensely is what self-improvement is. I don't think life can be anyone's hobby.

Be well, be courageous, but firstly let yourself be

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