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Re: Girlfriends

Post by maxdog on Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:46 pm

I think when you actually have a girlfriend you don´t look that much on pros/cons and I think
it´s simply biological that you want one.

Introduce your Girl-friend to Personal Development! :happy:
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Re: Girlfriends

Post by Orator on Sun May 31, 2009 6:21 pm

Wealth, stature, and bobbles can't follow you into whatever the next stage of existence is. This doesn't mean of course I don't aspire for those things, but it helps provide some prospective.

I want one day to find a women who is my equal, and one day have children with her. I like the idea that part of me will go one and prosper into the next century but even more then that. The experiences we acquire in life are the only things were allowed to take with us, and love is one I would like to bring with me.

This doesn't mean I want to get married, I'm in my 20's and still enjoying life. Still I view sharing my life with someone else as an inevitable but welcomed fate.
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Re: Girlfriends

Post by smith joe on Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:43 am

LeftBehind wrote:Girlfriends are an interesting topic. They can both hurt and help your path to VIP success imo.

Some negatives:

1. They take up a good deal of your valuable time which could be spent working toward success.
2. They cost money.
3. They influence you and often in ways not condusive to good business and if you picked a psycho the drama is never ending.

The positives:

1. A high value girlfriend can increase your social value and actually increase your business opportunities if you know how to play it right.. but she has to be a high value girlfriend. A low value girlfriend will decrease your opportunities and be a stumbling block.

Some gray areas:

1. The s** can drain you making you less aggressive if done too much negatively affecting your success. Children could result and those cost a great deal of money for 18 years and then when the relationship ends that could be a negative factor coming back again and again to haunt future relationships. Both of those are serious impediments to VIP success imo. STD's are a factor for those who do not qualify their girlfriends carefully. For some, even having s** before marriage brings psychic guilt robbing them of their positivity (most guys this isn't an issue for imo though).

What does your girlfriend list looks of pros and cons look like

Really well post made by you.It is really right say from you that girlfriends are have two impacts.One is positive and one is wrong.So,what can I say to it.May be I am right about to say that we should be rightly use of them. :D :D

Please make me suggestions:
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