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Future of the market?

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Future of the market?

Post by HaKa on Sun May 01, 2011 8:09 am

Hi Fellows!

How do you see the future of the market?

I mean, there is a lot going on.. for once, a rally (yet again). But then again.. what about:

the massive Japanese dept?
the bad Japanese economy (Toyota only sold 30% of cars they did last year)?
the massive and ridiculous American debt with no one wanting to stop it?
(a debt of an additional ~~1.5trl. $ per year is opposite to attempts to cut costs by ~~50Bln. $ - big gap!!)
the massive problems in some European countries - though those countries are small, they might infect other countries, that are semi-stable by drawing them down after defaulting on debt?
(Spain has 20% unemployment!)
inflation, anyone? Japan, America and Europe have the largest debts ever, and such high debt levels can nearly only be brought down by inflation

So what do you think?

As for me, I am going mostly into stocks again of boring values with little growth potential but a lot of stability like energy. Also, against infaltion, I have some oil and mining companies.

What are you doing? What are your recommendations?

Lots of success!
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Re: Future of the market?

Post by stef_a on Sun May 01, 2011 6:44 pm

The massive money printing and public debt are the main culprits of a downfall of the US economy. Europe also has many problems which will drag down global growth. The Japanese are definitely in a bad situation but they have been spiraling down past decade and the world has grown fine.

My view is
1: protect your assets from falling US dollars (eg. if you hold lots of greenback cash, invest some into currency inverse funds, where value increases as dollar slides)
2: hedge against INFLATION. Buy commodities, especially gold related securities.
3. for speculative growth, accumulate asian shares (excl. jap) and south american shares that rockets when their economies grow (eg. resources sector/industrial sector)

Just my view I have no formal qualifications in this arena except my personal experiences in investing.
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