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From hero to zero

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From hero to zero

Post by uGizmo on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:02 am

My mission and true passion is to teach and help open minded people find and be successful in their true passion.It is my gift to see people as they are, perfect in every way, and give them that image I see in them.

All my life I had this urge to make a difference, to find out what is the difference that makes a difference. I just refused to believe that there is something a human being can’t do. For all my life, I trained sports, I was cadet champion of Croatia in swimming. Then I trained diving and swimming with fins and became junior vice champion of Croatia. And as my urge kept pushing me, I started to train Greek-roman wrestling and was youngest senior champion of Croatia. I started my own company for computer and small networks maintenance, I was an expert in that field. And then, in the August of 2007, while I was preparing for wrestling world championship, the world as I once knew, stopped. I badly injured my right shoulder, I got to the hospital, and doctors couldn’t believe what they saw. Completely torn apart every single ligament in shoulder, destroyed my biceps tendon, split apart shoulder cartilage and made a hole in shoulder blade. Later on arthritis created osteophyte which further damaged my shoulder. Surgeons told me they never seen shoulder that much, literally, destroyed. From 2007 till 2008 I had 3 complicated surgeries. Surgeons told me I will never be able to move my arm normally.

My sport days were over, 15+ years of sports life perished in a fraction of a second. From hero to zero. In order to get my shoulder functional, for the first time in their career, they built in 5 anchors (like screws) to connect tissue with bones. Days were long as years, minutes passed as hours. For months my shoulder hurt like hell. I tried every pill there was and nothing helped. Because of heavy pain, for 3 months I slept at most an hour or two a day. After few weeks, I just stopped caring. Stopped caring about pain and rehab, stopped caring about future and career. I lost touch with reality. I was walking dead guy, there was nothing to motivate me, no interest in anything. My world crashed, my company went down, I hit the bottom and my bank account got frozen. At the times I was indifferent weather I was alive or dead. Months passed, and I felt like time doesn’t exist, no future, no perspective, just endless pain in my shoulder and my heart. And what hurt the most is that I had no vision, I stood there, in rehab centre and all I had on my mind was strange feeling of timelessness. As the time passed, and the pain in my shoulder reduced, skin scars healed, but the huge scar on my life was left. No income, my company went to debt, no sports future, no vision, just emptiness.

One day, while I was in rehab room of a spa, stretching my shoulder, I heard a voice mumbling something I couldn’t focus on because of pain. So I stopped exercise and turned my head. I saw an old man, in his 70-80’s, doing basic exercises for keeping flexibility of hip, he broke it when he fell on ice. He had short beard and was smiling all the time even tho I saw he was in pain. And I asked him to repeat what he said because I haven’t heard him the first time. The old man, kept smiling and asked me: “This world ain’t for you. Why do you constantly refuse to die?!”. I was left speechless. I just kept staring at him, completely confused by what I just heard. After few minutes of total confusion, I asked him what the hell was he talking about. These were his words: “If you want to live, you must first die. This what you see around you, is not what it is, it is what you created out of your mind, it was your choice kid, it still is…..”. That hit me, I didn’t know what to say, and after a while my stretching time was over and I had to go to another exercise. I never saw the old man again.

After few days, something hit me. I was walking in the park, in front of spa, passing bridge over small stream, and I stopped. Something happened, I was hit by a feeling of, the closest world I could get is internal piece. That moment I realized what old guy said to me. I realized I have a choice. I have a choice to keep “surviving” or just give it all up and let the world I was living in…... die. I have a choice to keep self pitying / agonizing myself, or I can start all over. This wasn’t the world I want for myself. For the first time in my life, I was aware of a choice. A choice to forge my life the new way or not. I chose new life, I chose all those happy moments I had, and what’s more important, I chose to be what I am – a perfect human being born with all resources needed for success. I may lost my shoulder, but my spirit is there, the same spirit, the same urge and passion that made me champion in various sports, can make me champion in anything.And my journey began, my mission began. Mission to contribute success state of mind to the world. My mission is to teach and help open minded people find and be successful in their true passion. No matter what it is.

So I spent hours, days and nights and years studying how to be successful and have fulfilled life, I read everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to know how to advance in whatever we do. My path lead me to neuro linguistic programming (NLP). And that fascinated me, I finally had tools I could use on everyday basics. It gave me whole new perspective. But what’s most awarding is not what it gave me, but what it took from me – my excuses! I no longer had an excuse for not being successful, there is always a way – our way. No matter how many times I failed, I got feedback on how to grow even more. It doesn’t matter if I failed, as a matter a fact, I didn’t fail, I successfully found a new way how things aren’t done! With time I kept improving myself, I finished NLP practitioner course, later on I gained international certificate as NLP Master Practitioner and HNLP Coach. Today I’m coaching open minded people and helping them succeed in their true passion. I keep challenging myself, keep moving forward and advancing, improving myself on all levels. This will never stop. My shoulder is recovering to the point where doctors couldn’t believe it was possible, I’m doing gym 3-5 times a week and from time to time sparring in kick-boxing.

My greatest wish is to work with Tony Robbins and help people all around the world to live fulfilled and successful life. It is my gift to see people as they are, perfect in every way, and give them that image I see in them. There is no single person on entire planet who can’t live fulfilled and successful life if he/she wants it. That’s what I believe, that’s my passion, my personal energy spring that keeps me going. There is much more I can give to the world!

P.S. Tony, if you are reading this, I want you to know that there are still people who refuse to believe that biography is destiny and that key of success is out of us! It is my dream to work for and with you. :)
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Re: From hero to zero

Post by developing_success on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:09 am

Wow, this is truly the kind of motivational stories Tony Robbins will say, you my friend are a true winner, you lost it all and you still had the courage and strength to get your life back.

You will always be one of my heroes :heart:
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Re: From hero to zero

Post by Inspired on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:35 am

uGizmo, that was very motivating. It is nice that you have found your calling and found yourself too in the process.

As for the amazing healing of your shoulder, I guess it is something like this:

What you think about, you become. The sub conscious mind is capable of amazing things and if you wish to be normal again, your sub conscious mind brings forth the hidden powers of healing dormant within you. This is what I learnt when I read Joseph Murphy's book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. I do not know if you have read the book or not, but I can see from your story that what he says actually works.

Best wishes for brighter days ahead !
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