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Finding success in lay men's terms

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Finding success in lay men's terms

Post by jringo on Tue May 04, 2010 8:29 pm

There are basically three steps before You can ever hope to achieve success.

1. Find Your dream

2. Set Your goals

3. Find Your vehicle

Once You have these three steps branded in Your mind the rest is just a matter of action and reaction.

The action comes from doing whatever it is You have to do. The old saying “just do it” applies here better than anywhere else. Don’t wait till You learn it all, Do it while Your learning. Time waits for no one. You don’t have to be the smartest just the most motivated. It once was a fact that the Man with the education often ends up working for the man with the dream. Collage is a training ground for You to have the right to apply for better paying jobs not a guarantee. Don’t know it all, know where to find and hire those who do. Let someone else pay to sit in class for 4 years. You just build the dream and hire those who will help You achieve it. Thats what Your boss is doing to You.

The reaction is what You have to what others try to do to steal Your dream. Always remember one thing. It’s not over till YOU say it is.

Dream on…………….. Make Money or make excuses !
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