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False Reality, False Illusions

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False Reality, False Illusions

Post by rahularya on Sun Apr 13, 2008 8:27 pm

How quickly we fall under the belief of false illusions. We are so easily taken and so gullible to believe that our reality is one in which we have to be suffering, that our reality is one in which I must be a victim of some sort, otherwise where and how do I go about getting my needs met, who next will hear my story

My question is: whose story is it Aren't we all part of the same story Aren't we all just a sum of the whole A part of the sum is each equally important, but the more important part of the equation is the whole, the end product.

As in nature, one petal is not more important than the whole flower, one tree not greater than a grand forest. One raindrop is not more effective than the whole storm, one wave does not define the depth of the ocean. One ray of sun is not brighter than the whole sun and one grain of sand is not better than the whole beach.

In our false reality, each of us is the main character in our story, but the truth is that there are no main characters, each of us is equally as fleeting. There is no such thing as my story or your story, only THE story.

When you are able to recognize that the whole is not separate from you, you find peace. Peace comes when you let go of the ideas that you are separated from this situation or that situation.
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