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Experimenting with new concepts and designs at all times

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Experimenting with new concepts and designs at all times

Post by Phillips41 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:13 am

In earlier times even though the availability of high quality building construction materials was not a problem, the !!! Blocked DIRECT EXTERNAL URL Link => Edit & leave it without URL tags OR put it into CODE tags !!! offered a life of about 50 – 70 years for a multi storied building. The building designs followed in those days also was not that much innovative as those in use in modern times.

In present times, a high-rise building is built to last for a lifetime. The increasing cost of apartments and flats is also due to the strict adherence to high quality standards. When high quality imported building construction materials and other accessories are used, the final cost of the building will certainly go up.

Consider the earthquake resistant building concept. It has many takers particularly after the devastating earthquakes in Latur and Ahmedabad. Even in a place like Kerala, that has never witnessed a major earthquake, the leading builders are now experimenting with scores of proven earthquake resistant building designs.

The availability of improved designs and other technologies from countries like Japan that are prone to earthquakes several times in an year has led to a welcome change in the building construction scene especially in cities like Kochi. However, the only problem with the earthquake resistant building concept is that the final cost of a flat or an apartment will be more than double the rates being now quoted for a flat or an apartment built according to conventional designs.

Right from the foundation stage, major changes in the foundation work will have to be effected when applying earthquake resistant designs. The uses of hitherto unknown materials like high strength rubber rollers and other hard but elastic materials are incorporated into the foundation structure. Due to the high duties on such imported materials, the cost of the foundation works are more than that involved in the actual construction of the building.
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