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Eugene Zelenyi - a newbie saying hi!

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Eugene Zelenyi - a newbie saying hi!

Post by EugeneZelenyi on Mon May 12, 2008 3:28 am

Hi Everyone!

From the looks of things, here is a forum that has a wealth of knowledge, as well as individuals that want to grow and help others grow! :D I don't yet know every hook and cranny (I've only looked at things briefly), but I already want to be part of your community.

The name's Eugene Zelenyi. I was born in Russia, and lived there 'til I was about 15. Since then I lived in New York City, Vermont, Alaska, and now Seattle (which seems to be my final destination). I work in the financial services sector (I'm a mortgage guy, in short). I speak three languages, Russian, English, and Spanish (I'm a lightweight in Spanish though). My goals are quite lofty, and I would like to bridge the gap between dreams and reality by learning how to discipline myself, believe in my goals, and work relentlessly toward their achievement. Hopefully, I can be helpful to others who have embarked on similar journeys, by being a friend, a mentor, or just a bounce board for their ideas and aspirations.

Looking forward to getting to know you all,
It may seem like I know what I am talking about - but at least half the time I'm clueless! :)
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Re: Eugene Zelenyi - a newbie saying hi!

Post by viktorados on Mon May 12, 2008 6:01 pm

Welcome to the club Eugene
... nice signature you have there :D :D :D
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