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"In my circle of friends there is no one really interested in being succesfull or making money. They just live their lives, accepting their jobs and living in their own reality (is it their own reality or is it the reality society wants them to believe?) ... no offense ... if people are happy living this way, they should. But, I believe when you talk about success and money etc with these kind of people you are not learning stuff ... that is the reason that I became a member of this great forum. It gives me the opportunity to talk with people with the same interests and goals in life"
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DrT here!

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DrT here!

Post by DrTeoK on Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:28 am

Hello SelfMadeVIP Community! :)

For the last 3-4 years I was deeply immersed in Social Skill Learning at the beginning and in Sciences like biology, medicine, psychology, evolution, anthropology and neurosciences later. I believe Self Improvement is one of our reasons to exist on this planet and for that all the knowledge we gather combines and forms a unique whole. How we express this whole I believe is our Main reason to exist :) I try to find this second as I constantly try to evolve and acquire new knowledge, wisdom and character traits.

I found this board by googling "Self Development forums", and it immedietly got my attention because it had many areas I was interested in (like ALL of the areas) :D

I think I saw some recent posts, so I guess this forum is still active.
I have read some posts and I plan to read many more on the immediate future ;) I love learning new stuff and repeating the old ones ("Repetition is the Mother of Skill").

I hope to meet some new people here who will push me forward and some other people who I will be able to push forward with any way I can. Thank you for the forum and ALL of these posts (seem countless to me :blink: )

Keep Evolving guys!
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