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Do EFT and NLP really work?

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Re: Do EFT and NLP really work?

Post by sweetpea23 on Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:11 am

i am a certified EFT practitioner as well as an NLP master practitioner. i can say without hesitation that one does not need positive expectations about EFT or NLP in order to get good results from them. they both take advantage of little-known properties of the nervous system allowing us to make deep and lasting changes fast.
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Re: Do EFT and NLP really work?

Post by Dangles Dilbert on Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:47 am

bigdog23 wrote:EFT CAN work like a charm. it can do even more than is often claimed for it. but only by people who are willing to make a minimum investment of time and effort to actually learn it. it is a paradigm breakthrough, almost indistinguishable from all the smoke and bullshit out there, except for the results. the paradigm stretch can make one swear that they understand when they are actually missing the whole point. this is what happened with me.

it should be approached with seriousness and several basic instructions should be heeded rigorously. i discovered EFT almost 10 years ago and thought it was silly, just because i didn't know how to structure my exploration and i ignored several subtle but critical instructions. i didn't rediscover EFT until 8 years later, when i used it to clear the traumatic memory of witnessing the accidental death by asphyxiation when i was 3. 200 hours of therapy did shit for me. 45 minutes of EFT and two 15 minute followups have completely cleared that trauma from my body and my life.

1. address specific incidents.
2. be thorough tap on each aspect of each incident until all of the "aspects" of an issue are addressed and the charge neutralized.
3. break through the "i don't feel like tapping" blockade." it is a weird and inconsequential looking process that can rapidly and profoundly transform your life.

p.s. nlp insights into the way the mind works. it is well worth serious study, too. with EFT and NLP skill, i collapsed a level 10 panic attack in a complete stranger (on a 1-10 intensity scale) in 2 minutes. she did 2 rounds of the EFT shortcut protocol and all of her deep distress evaporated. her boyfriend brought her to see me at my chuch because he thought she was possessed by a demon because she was so distraught. i am a lay minister, and certified EFT practitioner (EFT-ADV and EFT Cert-I designations). i know A LOT about EFT and there is no hype in it at all. it is a breakthrough. pure and simple. you will be onto it. or you will be late in the game. do you have an iPod yet?


Bigdog23, thanks for your contribution to this thread. I have found that EFT gives me temporary relief from anxiety when I spend an hour or so tapping around an issue, but haven't had any breakthroughs in the big issues that bother me. Have you got any comments or suggestions?

Dangles Dilbert
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Re: Do EFT and NLP really work?

Post by adamjenkins on Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:31 pm

yes, I would say both EFT and NLP do work - to a certain extent

your whole lifestyle, behavior and thinking has to be wired in their thinking terms for it to have any benefit though.

simply doing a few techniques here and there doesn't have any impact in my opinion.
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