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Define what "a real woman" is right here

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Define what "a real woman" is right here

Post by viktorados on Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:09 pm

Define what "a real woman" is. For example, being able to pick yourself up when life knocks you down. Even knowing this, people still chose to associate these characteristics of strength with male-ness, instead of human-ness.

I find it absolutely fascinating that even in our progressive world, enlightened men and women still associate maleness with strength, and don't realize that by defining men this way, they are at the same time defining women to be something OTHER THAN this. And this is done all the while knowing that women today like to show just how strong they are. I mean really, being a "strong woman" today is something to aspire to, isn't it

Okay, this might be totally off the mark and I'm willing to completely abandon the idea so let's not argue about what I just said. I just brought it up because the realization raised the interesting point that women want to be this way today, but Men HAVE to be this way, and it made me wonder what you think the differences of being a Man/Woman are.

So, here is the question. What characteristics define being a woman
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Re: Define what "a real woman" is right here

Post by vain911 on Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:55 pm

I don't I only define what a woman and her role in my wife-friend,wife,girlfriend and etc.
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Re: Define what "a real woman" is right here

Post by RuiFerreira on Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:44 pm

A Real Woman and Real Man are some very interesting concepts. My personal belief system right now is one of Liberty vs. Love.

Man desires above all else, to be Free, woman desires to be loved. This might be simplistic, but think about this:

Man always wants to conquer a challenge, but the end means to that is not the challenge is to FEEL the Freedom that comes with having overcome that challenge, we can extend that to a man's Orgasm, since its the pressure with the end means at Freedom.

Woman wants to take care, to nurture, to be Loved above all else. She desires a Man and wants him more as more capability he has of unconditional love. She will test Him for Love and to see if Man has all the integrity to give all, fully resolved deep Love. If She is down, He should love her, tease her, and play with Femine moods to make room for Love.

Now we put, two and two, together...!

Its the reponsability of the Man, to accept the Challenge of Loving a Woman, overcoming her tests so much that she Feels Loving and Complete and so that He can Feel the Freedom, the Liberty of Love, and She, the admiration for He's true dedication for Love. When fully engaged on a Loving relationship, then the Man has the true power from a Woman to engage fully on his Mission. A Woman wants a Man to know and be focused on his Mission.

This is not yadda, yadda, this is deep stuff folks... in fact, so much, that if you start to think like this, you will create within youself the true masculine power.

For man: Its not Agressiveness->Challenge, its Liberty.
For woman: Its not Familiy->Security, its Love.
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