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Define what "a real man" is right here

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Define what "a real man" is right here

Post by keelhauled on Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:12 pm

What is your definition of "a real man" in your own words

I want to know so I can become more manly because sometimes I feel weak inside or ladylike. Is it ok to feel weak if I'm a male Sometimes I'm not sure because the world teaches that I need to act tough and be into football to be respected as a man. Some guys like to get pit bulls and I like cute puppies - does that make me less manly I'm not gay or anything, I just don't feel excited about a lot of stupid things so-called men get excited about (other than women of course). Also, sometimes I think I'm less of a man because 1) I suck at fighting, and 2) I don't be gettin laid. Is is because I'm focusing too much on others

Also is it ok for a man to cry I know its not ok for a man to be cryin every other day about dumb shyt because a man needs to be emotionally strong, but I mean cry for something like he's in a deep depression or he's piss broke and can't support his self and dependant on others. Is crying alone in your room ok or is it hideous and loser-like

What is a real man huh huh A real man reads his bible and pray with his kids. and takes care of his kids and niece/nephews. Feed the kids. Thats what I believe. a real man pays his bills. A real man does what he says (integrity). A real man is respectful of people's time. now thats what real man mean to me...why I dont feel like I am big then Why I feel teeny small

Like I said - what are your thoughts on what a real man is
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Re: Define what "a real man" is right here

Post by ens_audio on Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:10 am

Call me conservative in the sense that IMO my idea of a real man is how it was perceived back in ol days of Hollywood back in the 1950's and also in the 1970's with classic movies like "Dirty Hairy" also even in old TV shows like Quincy M.E.

Sadly that ideal/image has been lost for good and replaced my more "feminine" types of guys in magazines such as GQ etc in which mainly women write the articles in...other words it seems many guys are listening to WOMEN for advice as far as how to act like a man etc. That would be like us guys telling women how to be a woman...thats stupid IMO and so many schmucks out there fall for it. I'm sorry I have the belief being "overly" emotional is a sign in mental instability 8-)
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Re: Define what "a real man" is right here

Post by hixam on Fri May 15, 2009 10:41 am

what is real man hmmmm, what profunde question.
i think real man have no relation with outsite looks , the real man is your deep sense of masculinity , it don't matter if you where pink t-shit or have cute puppies . and about "real man reads his bible and pray with his kids. and takes care of his kids and niece/nephews. Feed the kids." i think women can do this too , what real man is about is having masculing qualitys who makes every days life way to get them like courege who lead to strong confidence, knowing your way in life and don't get destracted by feminine energy " internal lucas of control " look inside of you to know what is right and what is wrong don't look for people find what to do and how to wear , be the leader ,don't accept second class behavior form your self and from people , decipline . don't let your emotion control you , no body can be real man without geting control from his emotion .
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Re: Define what "a real man" is right here

Post by Orator on Sun May 31, 2009 6:14 pm

In my view a man is someone with a code, a set of ethics which govern his life and he acts according to them. He doesn't sacrifice these principals for anything, and is willing to defend them with his life.

A man is emotionally controlled, he doesn't allow his emotions to run rampant and define him nor define his relationships. He is the rock for his significant other, and while can be emphatic to her emotional state, he doesn't allow it control him.

He is aggressive, ambitious, and above else never satisfied with the idea that he is done learning, experiencing, or creating.
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Re: Define what "a real man" is right here

Post by RuiFerreira on Sun May 31, 2009 10:15 pm

A Real Man is a man of honor and integrity. One that hold himself to truth and beauty. Never letting go even if the world get ugly around him. A Real Man gets knock off track and soon gets into the train again, a Real Man endures, persists and makes way for self awareness instead of picky arguments. A Real Man delivers, provides, protects and loves His Woman. A Real Man is solid, unwavering in the rivers of emotion, knowing the depths of hell and the aspirations of heaven. A Real Man is complete, total in his life experience, he is humble to know he knows nothing and forever will change.
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