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Crisis Into Abundance

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Crisis Into Abundance

Post by era1213 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:28 am

I ran into an interesting post today by Abubakar Jamil over at his site. The post is on the idea of dealing with life, when a ton of things appear to be going wrong. Here it is:

I agree with his general idea of blocking out the chaos and working on one thing at a time…but I take a slightly different approach.

The first thing I like to do, is accept everything as it is right now. That means letting go of wanting to change what is.

It’s clearly insane to want to change something that already is…apart from the fact that it creates resistance and paralyzes you.

Letting go of wanting to change what is, creates a space and ease around the situation – allowing you to think and act more effectively.

The next step is to look at what you’d rather have instead. So say one of the things that’s going on, is a health issue has come up. You’d use the current situation to become more clear on what you don’t want…then flip it around and make a choice as to what you do want.

You use the negative situation, to get clear on your positive choice.

Then, from this state of acceptance, you begin to work your attracting abundance magic.
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