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Create your own informational product and sell it online

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Create your own informational product and sell it online

Post by developing_success on Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:14 pm

With all the products, free information, guru’s out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start when it comes to actually create your online empire, it’s called “informational overload” and it can be more damaging than not knowing in the first place!
So without further delays, i’ll tell you exactly what you need, why you need it, what will happen if it gets done and of course how to do it.

1. Identify your strong points

What are you best at doing? Are you good at teaching people? Do you know a lot about cars? Could you teach public speaking? Are technical products your thing? Anything that you are good at, write it down, why? Because you are already a master in that field and know exactly what works and what not, the do’s and don’ts’s, the how’s and the why’s to actually get the results your prospect wants! And of course since you are so good at it it means you are passionate about it, which means it will not seem as work for you but rather fun!

2. Identify a market in which you could use your strong points

After you’ve discovered your strong points, now you need to find a niche for yourself in wich you could use your strong points, the biggest niches are: health, relationships, money and self-help, of course you are free to choose the right niche for you. The biggest mistake most people make is that they create their product first then they find a market to sell it to, which is completely inefficient. Once you know your strong points it’s easy to find such a market, you could use google or more specific:
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3. Create your customers profile

Get all the information you can about your prospect and create an unique profile in which you will include his/her name, age, s**, fears, frustrations, wants, desires, dreams... Everything that is relevant, why? Because when you will create the product and sales letter you must know exactly to who you are speaking with, remember, you are creating the informational product for them, not for you!

4. Build your strategy

At this step you will make a layout of the entire selling process, like what will you give for free, how will you promote yourself, how will they buy, how will you use direct mail marketing and so on, the entire plan to know exactly what are your next steps.

5. Create the informational product

After you’ve found out what are their problems, wants, needs... you can start creating your own ebook/audiobook/video course/live coaching. As a rule of thumb, the same information you could offer in an ebook, is 10 times more valuable in audio format and 100 times more valuable in video format, and of course 1000x more valuable if you will do live 1on1 coaching. Choose which one or which combination is right for you.

6. Choose what to give for free

A very important aspect that you must remember is that you must give something of value for free, try to give as much value as possible, this is one of the best strategies to make people promote and buy from you because they will think: “Wow, if he is giving this amazing for free, imagine what he sells!” Also create the free emails.

7. Create your salesletter

Once you have you know your customer and had created your product, it will be easy to create the sales letter for your product, in some markets it’s better to tell a little bit about your history to relate with them, tell them how your product will improve the quality of their lives, add more value, perhaps even some testimonials, your money back guarantee, privacy policy...

8. Set up technical part

Nowadays, you could build an entire website for free to host your product and have a place to lead people to, what will you need? A webhost, ftp file manager (to transfer files from pc to webhost), platform (optional), domain name, paypal account and a mailing list provider.
You can have all these for free, here are some services i personally use, trust and recommend: Webhost: byethost, ftp: filezilla, platform: wordpress, domain name: byethost subdomain (free for life) + (free for 1 year), mailing list provider:

9. Get traffic

You could have the best product in the world, it won’t do you any good if nobody knows about you or if you are not promoting it right, the is why it is crucial to get more and more traffic to your website. You could buy traffic using methods like google adwords or get traffic for free using natural SEO or social sites (facebook, forums, youtube, twitter, blogs...). Another way to get traffic is to get affiliates, usually their commission is about 50-75%, but since it won’t cost you anything to make more copies, even if you get 25-50% that’s pure profit! You can find affiliates at and

10. Improve / Move on

Continue tweaking your traffic getting techniques, offer more free stuff, split test sales letters, make more youtube videos, post on ezines... and see how well your product performs. If by any way it fails to deliver you a source of income although you tried everything, give up on it and do something else more valuable with your time. It wasn’t a waste of time, but a learning experience! You could give that product for free to not be able to go back to sell it, help other people and increase your fame on the internet for further products. If it works, you can decide if you’ll do private coaching or seminars to give more value and receive more in return or move on to your next successful product, since your product will sustain itself!
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